Monday, December 12, 2011

Wow, lots of fun in the Sun in Utah. Are you dancing, and prancing around the empty house? Tell Michael congrats on the job front.
I too am sending a package to you today, don't open it until Christmas. I'm not a 100 percent sure how we are going to do the phone thing, but I will let you know next week for sure. Only 13 days!!!!
The work was pretty good this week. We didn't do a whole lot on Friday because we were getting everything ready for the baptism but all in all we had a fairly good week. Jesus and Brandon were confirmed yesterday, and we had 3 random new people show up to church yesterday, so that is good. Oh our ward got sister missionaries this week. They are nice, I guess. They are Spanish speaking as well, so hopefully they don't steal our investigators. The Kaw River ward Christmas party was on Saturday. It was pretty OK. There were 20 non members that showed up, so that was really good. It was a party/talent show and we, unknowingly, had to sing at the end. We sang jingle bells, it was awful. Also the Spanish Elders Quorum did a very funny skit. They strapped deflated balloons to their faces and held big feathers to look like turkeys and danced around to Swan Lake. It was funny. I have a video on my camera.
I feel bad because there is not too much to say this week. We just kinda went throughout our days like missionaries.

3 Questions:
1. We actually don't do very much tracting. A lot of the times we just talk to people on the street as we go from appointment to appointment. We have tracted, but only for a few minutes here or there.
2. This morning we had a big service project at the church, so I didn't get to study this morning. It's postponed till later. I have recently been reading all of the accounts of Jesus' birth in the new testament. Good stuff.
3. I haven't really needed to wear the big heavy coat just yet. This week was fairly mild so there wasn't a big need for it. I do wear the little coat from the big coat quite a bit though.

Mom:Oh yeah, there is something else that I could mention. I dreamt in Spanish last week. It was cool. Ever since then my Spanish has been pretty good. Not fluent, but good. I can understand everything, and say what I want. It just takes me a while sometimes.
Dad: Sup fool.
Dang Niners. Do you think that they may have been looking ahead to the Pittsburgh game a little? Is big ben going to play next week?
Yeah the baptisms actually happened last Friday. It was a good little service. I got to baptise Brandon, the son. It went well I guess. Hopefully, we can have some more baptisms in the coming month. Yesterday at church, 3 new investigators just showed up out of nowhere. It was exciting. And I had to cover for somebody and teach a primary class. Good thing you taught me well at that category. Thanks for everything that you have done for me. Oh and I lost my sweatshirt. I dunno where, but it is gone. For Christmas could you give me some money to go and buy a new one? If not, don't worry about it.
Alright, I don't have a ton of time to write this week so I gotta go.Have a good week. Love you lots.

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