Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'll be honest, I didn't even know that there was an iPad 3. That is my world. Way to go Chels. Ha.
I am looking forward to conference. We will watch it at the church. Not a lot of people here have BYU-TV or anything like that to watch at
their houses, so we watch it at the church. It is crazy to think that my second conference is already here. It feels like I was just in the MTC watching it. So we will pretty much be there all weekend. After the upcoming priesthood session, we are having pie and ice cream at the church though, so that's what's up.
For Michael, an apple and a glass of water every morning gives you the same amount of energy as does a cup of coffee. Scientifically proven. Good luck.
Things here are going pretty good. We had a good week last week. There is a lot of buzz about the temple here. It is really good publicity for the church.
As for investigators, that one guy, Ruben, is doing really well. We just need to get him a ride to church, and he is pretty golden. We have been trying to find Part-Member families, like Brit and Michael, to teach. Because then we can use the other person that is a member to help the investigator out. That has been going well. I am doing good. We didn't get the chance to see Vilma last week because she was sick.
One of our investigators, Kari, just had a baby. That's pretty cool. We
hopefully will use the new birth to help her relate to the Plan of Salvation. It should work.
Well, that is about all that I have from these necks of these
1. Suit Jacket Rule: In our mission, we wear them conference to conference. Unless it is hot outside and you don't have a car. So recently, we haven't been wearing them. It is nice because my coat is getting pretty dirty and I only have 1 coat.
2. The teaching is fine. Nothing really bothers me. The law of Chastity used to get me a little, but it is super important, so I'm over it.
3. The comp is alright. Now he is coming up with a plot for a fantasy book. Maybe he'll be famous one day.
Well Mama: I love you, have a good week. Don't get too busy.
Dad: That is good for the Niners. Smith is what they need, especially if he
plays like last year. From the sounds of it, the Warriors are throwing away the season. That is cool. Glad that the Master Class went well. Love you fool.
That's all I got.
Love you.
Love, Nick
P.S. A member, Sis. Gaona is going to add you on FB. She is cool.

P.P.S. Thanks for the package!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sounds like all is well. I actually didn't know that Jeff and Tammy are moving to Angola or that Sean and Rachel had a baby. Good for all of them.
It is good to hear that Michael has a lot of support from the ward. In church yesterday some lady from the stake was talking about music and she said that a healthy ward has 2 things: good tithe payers, and a big ward choir. H10 has both of those. Good work team.
The past week was good. Hot and humid, but good. Like
last Memorial Day humid. Not the most fun. Sticky, actually. Not the most fun. Summer is going to be something else.
Elder Evans from the 70 spoke at the half mission conference in Indy on Tuesday. He was the guy that spoke at our stake when President Anderson was called. We talked about desires and finding.
It was fun to see some familiar faces.
We had a good week. We have this one investigator, Vilma. She is doing really well, and we started teaching her husband too. Brother Borjorquez got the priesthood yesterday. It is awesome.
The whole world here is buzzing about the temple, and all of the people we meet want to talk to us about Mitty R. This guy told us that Obama is a dictator and also that he saw 3 aliens last July. Validity gone. Man, there are a lot of crazy folk here.
Conference is coming up, I am pretty stoked for that. It will be
I don't have too much to say this week, sorry. My face and lower half of
my arms are tan. FYI.
3. Teaching kids can be tough, but it mostly depends on the relationship that they have with their parents. If it is good, they usually behave and listen, but if they don't listen, that sometimes means that they get yelled at a lot and defy their parents by yelling back. Not so helpful.
2. The least-favorite meal this week was umm, I don't know. They were all good this week.
1. Honestly, the language is really good. No funny mess-ups. I am pretty close to being fluent. I can't speak as fast as I would like to, but I can understand everything.
Dad: Wow, that is crazy. Also think of the training that Kaepernick can get if Manning is in SF. Think Favre-Rogers good. That would be sick. Well, all is good here. Sometimes I miss hanging out with you and chillin.

The library is very full so I don't have a ton of time.
Okay fam, I love you. Have a good week.
Love, Nick

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Forward

Hey Fam,
The AP's called us to remind us about daylight savings. So no Mom, we were not late for anything, just very sleepy.
This past week was good. We had a really good Thursday. We saw 8 people that day. It was sweet.
Our investigators are doing pretty well. Estella, the lady with 5 kids, is doing really good. With a little member help, she could be
golden. We haven't seen Claudia for a while. Every time we go by, she is
working. It's life though. The rest of the gang is pretty good.
This upcoming week should be pretty solid.
The temple open house is right around the corner, so we are encouraging
the members to prayerfully consider who they are going to take to it. This should give us a lot of member referrals, which are the catalysts for
missionary work. There is nothing better than a quality member referral. That is especially true here, where most of the people you talk to on the street are well, interesting.
So yeah, the work is trucking along quite swimmingly. We had to help a
member's dead-neighbor's sister clean out part of the house on Saturday. This lady was a hoarder. Like bad. She was a VP of a bank, so she had some cash, and apparently used it to buy tons of things that she never touched. It was wild. Surprisingly, there weren't any mice or roaches or vermin underneath all of the fun. So that is a fun story from the week.
Oh, and We ate higalo (cow liver) and onions on Thursday. Not terrible with a lot of salsa on it. Is the aquarium cool? Big? Full of fish?

Your Boy's 3
1. You should take a fruity pie. I miss your pies. They are so good.
2. I have been studying in Alma in my Spanish scriptures for a half-mission conference tomorrow. A member of the 70 is coming, and he asked us to read Alma 17-42.
3. Yeah, I have been driving since January. It is cool.

200 days is a long time. In 166 days I will be 1/2 done. Stupid leap

Alright mi familia, have a good week. I love you.
Love, Nick

Monday, March 5, 2012

Missionaries in Space

Note: Jeff has had a dream this week that Nick was called to the Internation Space Station. Much of the conversation deals with this.

Dear Fam,

Wow, that is a weird dream. I had a dream that one of the kids in the ward that is about to get his call got called to North Dakota. It was kinda odd. I have been having a lot of dreams of being a missionary lately. Over time, my dreams have progressed more into me being a missionary and no longer at home in my dreams. Crazy.
This past week was alright. Luckily, the tornadoes are afraid of KCK. There have never been tornadoes here. Kansas weather is freaking nuts. It was 75 on Thursday and then it snowed Friday morning. Nuts, right?
Anyways, the baptism was great.The Borjoquezes are in their 60s so all of their kids are grown up. They have one son that is a member but he lives in Mexico. His son lives with the Borjorquezes, and that kid has been a real help. I got to dunk Sis. Borjorquez. It was cool. Elder Gallegos came back for the baptism. He confirmed them. It was good to see him.
This past week we were talking to this dude on the street, and he apparently has the power to give people prophecies of monetary growth. So according to this man, I'm going to gain a large lump sum in the next few months. Those are the kind of people that live in KCK. The crazy ones. Ha, but it is pretty fun talking to them.
I'm glad the belt works fine. Forget about it being made by from a rat and just wear it.
The work this past week was pretty good. We had a few slow days, and because we didn't have the car, those days seemed a lot slower than they actually were. The temple open house is next month, so we are preparing for hopefully a TON on referrals from that. With the ward, we are asking the members to prayerfully consider who they are going to invite to the temple. The ward is really starting to work with us. It is really good.
1.I was actually thinking about space today on the bus. I would be down to get transferred to space. It would be sweet.
2. There are 16 missionaries in my zone, and 6 in the district. Kaw River is its own district.
3.Yeah a lot of people don't really know anything about the premortal life. So yes, that is a big one to teach.

Tell the Lone Peak boys congrats for me, and tell Bro. Draper whazzup. Yeah man. Hope you have a good week. Thanks for everything. I appreciate everything that you do for me. I love you.
Love, Nick