Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Forward

Hey Fam,
The AP's called us to remind us about daylight savings. So no Mom, we were not late for anything, just very sleepy.
This past week was good. We had a really good Thursday. We saw 8 people that day. It was sweet.
Our investigators are doing pretty well. Estella, the lady with 5 kids, is doing really good. With a little member help, she could be
golden. We haven't seen Claudia for a while. Every time we go by, she is
working. It's life though. The rest of the gang is pretty good.
This upcoming week should be pretty solid.
The temple open house is right around the corner, so we are encouraging
the members to prayerfully consider who they are going to take to it. This should give us a lot of member referrals, which are the catalysts for
missionary work. There is nothing better than a quality member referral. That is especially true here, where most of the people you talk to on the street are well, interesting.
So yeah, the work is trucking along quite swimmingly. We had to help a
member's dead-neighbor's sister clean out part of the house on Saturday. This lady was a hoarder. Like bad. She was a VP of a bank, so she had some cash, and apparently used it to buy tons of things that she never touched. It was wild. Surprisingly, there weren't any mice or roaches or vermin underneath all of the fun. So that is a fun story from the week.
Oh, and We ate higalo (cow liver) and onions on Thursday. Not terrible with a lot of salsa on it. Is the aquarium cool? Big? Full of fish?

Your Boy's 3
1. You should take a fruity pie. I miss your pies. They are so good.
2. I have been studying in Alma in my Spanish scriptures for a half-mission conference tomorrow. A member of the 70 is coming, and he asked us to read Alma 17-42.
3. Yeah, I have been driving since January. It is cool.

200 days is a long time. In 166 days I will be 1/2 done. Stupid leap

Alright mi familia, have a good week. I love you.
Love, Nick

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