Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'll be honest, I didn't even know that there was an iPad 3. That is my world. Way to go Chels. Ha.
I am looking forward to conference. We will watch it at the church. Not a lot of people here have BYU-TV or anything like that to watch at
their houses, so we watch it at the church. It is crazy to think that my second conference is already here. It feels like I was just in the MTC watching it. So we will pretty much be there all weekend. After the upcoming priesthood session, we are having pie and ice cream at the church though, so that's what's up.
For Michael, an apple and a glass of water every morning gives you the same amount of energy as does a cup of coffee. Scientifically proven. Good luck.
Things here are going pretty good. We had a good week last week. There is a lot of buzz about the temple here. It is really good publicity for the church.
As for investigators, that one guy, Ruben, is doing really well. We just need to get him a ride to church, and he is pretty golden. We have been trying to find Part-Member families, like Brit and Michael, to teach. Because then we can use the other person that is a member to help the investigator out. That has been going well. I am doing good. We didn't get the chance to see Vilma last week because she was sick.
One of our investigators, Kari, just had a baby. That's pretty cool. We
hopefully will use the new birth to help her relate to the Plan of Salvation. It should work.
Well, that is about all that I have from these necks of these
1. Suit Jacket Rule: In our mission, we wear them conference to conference. Unless it is hot outside and you don't have a car. So recently, we haven't been wearing them. It is nice because my coat is getting pretty dirty and I only have 1 coat.
2. The teaching is fine. Nothing really bothers me. The law of Chastity used to get me a little, but it is super important, so I'm over it.
3. The comp is alright. Now he is coming up with a plot for a fantasy book. Maybe he'll be famous one day.
Well Mama: I love you, have a good week. Don't get too busy.
Dad: That is good for the Niners. Smith is what they need, especially if he
plays like last year. From the sounds of it, the Warriors are throwing away the season. That is cool. Glad that the Master Class went well. Love you fool.
That's all I got.
Love you.
Love, Nick
P.S. A member, Sis. Gaona is going to add you on FB. She is cool.

P.P.S. Thanks for the package!

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