Monday, March 5, 2012

Missionaries in Space

Note: Jeff has had a dream this week that Nick was called to the Internation Space Station. Much of the conversation deals with this.

Dear Fam,

Wow, that is a weird dream. I had a dream that one of the kids in the ward that is about to get his call got called to North Dakota. It was kinda odd. I have been having a lot of dreams of being a missionary lately. Over time, my dreams have progressed more into me being a missionary and no longer at home in my dreams. Crazy.
This past week was alright. Luckily, the tornadoes are afraid of KCK. There have never been tornadoes here. Kansas weather is freaking nuts. It was 75 on Thursday and then it snowed Friday morning. Nuts, right?
Anyways, the baptism was great.The Borjoquezes are in their 60s so all of their kids are grown up. They have one son that is a member but he lives in Mexico. His son lives with the Borjorquezes, and that kid has been a real help. I got to dunk Sis. Borjorquez. It was cool. Elder Gallegos came back for the baptism. He confirmed them. It was good to see him.
This past week we were talking to this dude on the street, and he apparently has the power to give people prophecies of monetary growth. So according to this man, I'm going to gain a large lump sum in the next few months. Those are the kind of people that live in KCK. The crazy ones. Ha, but it is pretty fun talking to them.
I'm glad the belt works fine. Forget about it being made by from a rat and just wear it.
The work this past week was pretty good. We had a few slow days, and because we didn't have the car, those days seemed a lot slower than they actually were. The temple open house is next month, so we are preparing for hopefully a TON on referrals from that. With the ward, we are asking the members to prayerfully consider who they are going to invite to the temple. The ward is really starting to work with us. It is really good.
1.I was actually thinking about space today on the bus. I would be down to get transferred to space. It would be sweet.
2. There are 16 missionaries in my zone, and 6 in the district. Kaw River is its own district.
3.Yeah a lot of people don't really know anything about the premortal life. So yes, that is a big one to teach.

Tell the Lone Peak boys congrats for me, and tell Bro. Draper whazzup. Yeah man. Hope you have a good week. Thanks for everything. I appreciate everything that you do for me. I love you.
Love, Nick

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