Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween I actually am dressing up as a kid with some books for you to read.
About Devon's costumes, I get the Lilly Potter but what is Tetras? Like the game?
The weather here is pretty nice, tons of trees, so tons of good leaves and such. It is getting a little colder though.
This Sunday was the Primary Program in the ward. It was good, lots of little kids singing.
Yeah, I have found out that people don't like LDS people. Some guy stopped us on the street and told us that our Jesus was the son of Lucifer and that God impregnated Mary. He also said that he was Catholic until he started reading the Bible, so that justified any validity that he had.
Besides that- Wow, lots of other good stuff is going on: Ali and her call, multiple new cousin babies, fun stuff.

Ok, here's the stuff you want to hear:

2012 Oakland Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66102

Send letters and stuff there, but send packages to the Mission Office by priority mail.

Yeah so I am in KCK. It is very ghetto but the people are really good here. My trainer is Elder Gallegos. He was born in Mexico but moved to Utah for a few years before he came to the mission. He is a good guy. We are doing a lot of work with less active members because there are so many of them. But we do have 4 or 5 progressing investigators. Our ward that we are in is called Kaw River, and it has both Spanish and English people in it so the Sacrament Meetings are crazy, especially during hymns. The ward is really nice, and they all speak really fast Spanish. We get fed just about every night, so that is good. There are English missionaries here as well, but they don't get fed as much as the Spanish do, and they gripe about it sometimes. We have a baptism scheduled for next Sunday. Her name is Jennifer and Gallegos was already in this area so I just kinda jumped in to all of his investigators with him.
Then this week I have to give the baptismal invitation to Juan Albarez, a guy who is getting married to a member. I haven't met the other investigators yet. We spend a lot of time visiting with less actives, trying to talk them into coming to church. There are also a lot of part-member families in this area as well.
Last Saturday we had the chance to go to a food shelter and prepared and served those in need of some food. It was a good experience. There were a lot of volunteers there, mostly from Baptist and Methodist churches. Oh yeah, there are a LOT of churches here, like building wise. Some of them are huge and old, and others are empty. Some Baptists tried to talk us into joining their church, because we apparently haven't accepted Jesus and we need to be saved. My bad.
The weekends are slow here for missionary work, so not a lot has really happened since I have gotten here. But we got here safely, and spent the first night in the mission home. That first day we went to Liberty Jail and did the tour, and then went to the Visitor Center in Independence and kinda hung out for like an hour. The VC in Independence is right across the street from the Christ's Church temple. It looks like a giant Hershey kiss. There are a lot of hills here, which is something that I didn't expect.
My mission president is very nice. His name sounds odder than how it is spelled. It is Keyes, but pronounced Eyes with a K. He is a nice guy though. We live with a member named Clark. He is in his 20's and is going to dental school soon. He has a dog, her name is Sadie,and she is friendly.
As far as your questions:
1. I haven't had any funny mistakes, just slow Spanish.
2.The ward is having a trunk-or-treat tonight, so we may go because we cannot proselyte tonight.
3.And I do eat fruits and vegetables. The members tell me that I will probably gain weight here, but I'm going to only gain the good weight with a balanced diet and exercise. Grrrrreeeaat!

I hope I have fulfilled your desires to hear my life, but feel free to ask more questions and to send me stuff.
Mom: Of course Sharyn and Grandad are going on cool trips. You guys should retire soon and party like they do.
Dad: You should be proud to know that I sleep with 49er blankets every night.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Ok so the doctor gave me the go-ahead! I just have to wear the brace all the time for the next month or so, and then anytime I am playing sports after that.

This past week has flown by, and luckily, I sat next to Spencer pretty much all day Friday during our in-field orientation. It was nice to have a little time with him before we both take off. All I really have to do today is pack, pack, pack for the field. I am so excited to get out there. I have really come to know that my call truly is of God, and that I will be walking some of the most important ground in our dispensation for the next 20-odd months.
I will find out when everything is tomorrow and let you know asap. I will also find out if you can send stuff directly to me. What has brittany said about her trial, have you talked to her yet? And don't worry, I will take as long as I want tomorrow on the phone, no matter how big the line is.
I am very excited to leave the cage and never have to come back again. This place has been okay, but these past 2 months were rough. I have heard the time in the field flies, and I am excited about getting busy.

How is the puppy? I miss her. What is going on with the whole fam? What is everyoone up to? Are Sharyn and Grandad traveling to some crazy destination?

That story about Bro. White is pretty funny. Oh yeah! Elder Richard G. Scott came to the MTC last tuesday! It was a great talk. He talked about revelation through the Holy Ghost, it was incredible. He also told us to get married when we come home. Apparently, the brethren really want people to get married. I had to talk in church on Sunday about enduring to the end with obedience. It was pretty good. It was in spanish though. Oh I can finally read and comprehend my Spanish scriptures now! It's really nice because I have to focus when i read them so I get more out of it when i read as opposed to English. Alright, Mom: I am sorry to hear that your husband is in love with a telephone, but I suppose I should have expected it. He falls in love with just about anything, especially little metal devices.

Dad: Great that Cal finally won a game and that the Niners are doing so well.

Thanks for sending me everything that you have so far, and thank you for your prayers. I love you and will talk to you tomorrow at hopefully 8:30 am.

Love, Nick

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Editor's Note: Nick tells us nothing. We are desperate for information. We have resorted to a survey, which he graciously answered with a single letter of the alphabet. Hope he's not too tired from the exertion. Here it is:

We feel like we don't know what your everyday life is like, and we want to. Clearly, it is time for a questionnaire. Please answer the following:

1. Re: the crutches-
a) I still have them and I detest them.
b) I'm free, but I really hurt.
c) I kicked em to the curb and am tap dancing in the hallways.

Nick: C.

2. For breakfast, I eat
a) toast
b) air. I hate breakfast.
c) the ubiquitous Marshmallow Mateys
Nick: D- whatever I want.

3. My favorite treat so far has been
a) the pumpkin chocolate chip bread my beloved mother made me
b) the Nutella swirled cheesecakes my beloved mother made me
c) the snickerdoodles that my beloved mother made me
Nick: D- those Nutella cookies from Brit.

Editor's Note: Boys are stupid.

4. Re: being a host for the incoming missionaries tomorrow:
a) I already have my white shirt ironed and my encouraging, friendly phrases rehearsed
b) I can't wait to scare the pants off the new kid and get him lost
c) Not me. Wheelchairs and crutches not allowed.

Nick: D- Not this week.

5. Last week the push up count was 145/ day. This week, I'm at
a) at 150
b) at 190
c) at 20. I'm so over push ups.
Nick: close to B- 165.

6. The scales of Dad's that I miss the most are
a) the ones that go up and down over and over again.
b) the ones that go up and down over and over again.
c) the ones that go up and down over and over again.

Nick: A, B, and C

7. For lunch I have
a) salad
b) desperation sandwich
c) the ubiquitous Marshmallow Mateys
Nick: B, whatever that is.

8. In the Narnia hole, My companion and I will leave
a) the whoopee cushion my beloved mother sent me
b) the fake mustaches Brittany sent me
c) the ubiquitous Marshmallow Mateys

Nick: Probably A.

9.The TV show the I would be most surprised to see invade the MTC is
a) the Walking Dead
b) Beavis and Butthead
c) Jersey Shore
d) Sister Wives
Nick: B

10. So far, I have taken
a) 1 picture
b) 10 pictures
c) 100 pictures
Nick: Like 20-ish

11. I have not sent them to my mother because I am
a) saving them for a big surprise at the end and want to show her in person with a a super long slide show with detailed explanations.
b) I am so focused on learning that I have no time for such frivolous things.
c) I am complete airhead. Deal with it.

Nick: N/A

12. Since I have been here, I have sung "Called to Serve"
a) 10 times
b) 100 times
c) 100 million times
Nick: Seems like C

13. When I get to step foot inside a real market for the first time, I' going to get
a) ear plugs for me and breathe right strips for my companion
b) a toy cell phone that has candy in it so I can pretend I'm texting
c) the ubiquitous Marshmallow Mateys

Nick: C, because I will miss them

14. One suggestion for improvement to MTC life is
a) doggies for the fake houses that we go fake teach in the TRC
b) casual Fridays
c) mommies. everywhere.

Nick: All of the above

15. I feel that questionnaires
a) are juvenile. Nobody else's mom does them.
b) are great. My mom is a genius.
c) It's better than the time my mom yelled, "Go Muffin!" at my lacrosse game.

Nick: C!!!!!

The real part of the letter:

wanna start off by saying thanks for sending me all of the good food over my stay here. My flight plans are for next Wednesday, and I will leave the MTC at 6 in the morning meaning I will be available for a call for sure like at 8:30. Is that alright? I would appreciate it if you would send me a call card and some stamps.

Besides that, everything is going well. This last week has been nutso. We had 3 guys get their visas to Peru and leave, and then the night after, one of the elders here went freakin crazy and went home. So there are 5 guys in my district now. It is very weird and quiet. I am in a triple, with Ward and now Elder McConnell. I really like McConnell, so I was okay with the decision. Sorry for not writing a lot as of late, but nothing new or worth talking about has happened. I have a final Doc appointment on Friday to make sure everything is all clear. I do not have to wear the boot anymore, just a brace. It was glorious taking that bad boy off for the last time. What's up with home? I sent an actual letter to y'all. I also sent you my SD card.

Okay. love ya. Gotta bounce.

Talk to you in 8 days!

Love, Nick

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Part 1

Gracias por su carta. Papa dijo que el envio una paqueta con mis x-rays, pero no he recibido ellos. Es nada.
Estoy animado que usted ha divertido en California, y no pienso que los perritos gustaria el CCM.
Mi tobillo es muy bien. Puedo poner algunas weight (?) en mi tobillo. Todos estan bien.
Estoy muy muy muy animado que los 49ers estan haciando bien este ano. Alex Smith esta viviendo a su potencial.
Es trieste que Steve Jobs murio, pero es genial que Al Davis Murio.
Es tiempo ha sido mal, ha llovido mucho aqui.
Ultima semana, un misionero fue a Peru porque el gano si visa, entonces mi companero y yo ganamos un otro companero, Alex Pinegar, de Alpine, UT. El fue a Lone Peak, pero yo no supe el.
Yo tuve un buen semana. Gracias por sus oraciones.
Y, lo siento, para las frases simplico. Y, por favor, hable Aaron con muchoes comgratulations(?) para mi.
Muy amor,

Part 2

Ok, that email was hard to write- very, very simple. Anyways, what's everyone up to? what's going on with Michael's work? When is he moving to Utah or wherever? How has Brittany been doing?
Have you bought your tickets for NYC yet? Are you even going to NYC?
I forgot to ask how the Primary program was. Did any of the rugrats do anything funny? How is the presidency chugging along?
Oh, I get my flight plans this week. Boy, am I excited to get into the field.
My ankle is doing really well. I can out just about all of my weight on it, but I still crutch around. Thank you for your prayers.
And about Al Davis: what news! I figured he couldn't die, but I guess I was wrong. I'm sure the dark, looming cloud over Oakland is gone, for now.
And about the 49ers: YAAAAAAAAAA! 4-1 is sweet, and a 48-3 win is even better. Harbaugh is the man.
I would tell about all of the crazy experiences here, but there are none. We do the same thing everyday and therefore, there is no news of excitement.
Because I have nothing to do at our gym time because of my ankle, I have taken up doing pushups. This week I'm at 145 a day. And every other night our district does Ab Ripper X from the P90X workout.My buddy, Elder Frame, has the routine memorized. It's good fun. I have put on like 8-ish lbs of good weight.
Speaking of weight, how fat is Daffy? 15-16 lbs? Do you just have to roll her everywhere now?
My Spanish is coming along well. I can speak it well enough to communicate like a 7 year old. With my uhhh's and ummmm's, it isn't awful, and I can understand pretty much any one of the teachers when I'm paying attention.
This is my second to last P-day in the MTC. That is weird. Looking back, these past 2 months have gone by pretty quick. Some very slow weeks, but overall the time is going by well. I have heard that in the field, the time flies. It is crazy to think that Brady and Colton have already been out a year.
How many inches of snow did Highland get? We saw snow, but it never stuck. Those few days were freeeeezing. I'm sure Mizzou will be even colder.
Alrighty, it's time for me to go. Thanks for everything.
Love, Nick

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My, how he babbles on and on

I would have written this in Spanish, but I have zero time today.

This week has been good, though. Conference was dope! Lots of very good insight from the Brethren.

I will hopefully write more at some point this week, but I have found my buen animo. The Lord has provided his love for me.

I am a missionary for the next 22 months.

Love you,