Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Editor's Note: Nick tells us nothing. We are desperate for information. We have resorted to a survey, which he graciously answered with a single letter of the alphabet. Hope he's not too tired from the exertion. Here it is:

We feel like we don't know what your everyday life is like, and we want to. Clearly, it is time for a questionnaire. Please answer the following:

1. Re: the crutches-
a) I still have them and I detest them.
b) I'm free, but I really hurt.
c) I kicked em to the curb and am tap dancing in the hallways.

Nick: C.

2. For breakfast, I eat
a) toast
b) air. I hate breakfast.
c) the ubiquitous Marshmallow Mateys
Nick: D- whatever I want.

3. My favorite treat so far has been
a) the pumpkin chocolate chip bread my beloved mother made me
b) the Nutella swirled cheesecakes my beloved mother made me
c) the snickerdoodles that my beloved mother made me
Nick: D- those Nutella cookies from Brit.

Editor's Note: Boys are stupid.

4. Re: being a host for the incoming missionaries tomorrow:
a) I already have my white shirt ironed and my encouraging, friendly phrases rehearsed
b) I can't wait to scare the pants off the new kid and get him lost
c) Not me. Wheelchairs and crutches not allowed.

Nick: D- Not this week.

5. Last week the push up count was 145/ day. This week, I'm at
a) at 150
b) at 190
c) at 20. I'm so over push ups.
Nick: close to B- 165.

6. The scales of Dad's that I miss the most are
a) the ones that go up and down over and over again.
b) the ones that go up and down over and over again.
c) the ones that go up and down over and over again.

Nick: A, B, and C

7. For lunch I have
a) salad
b) desperation sandwich
c) the ubiquitous Marshmallow Mateys
Nick: B, whatever that is.

8. In the Narnia hole, My companion and I will leave
a) the whoopee cushion my beloved mother sent me
b) the fake mustaches Brittany sent me
c) the ubiquitous Marshmallow Mateys

Nick: Probably A.

9.The TV show the I would be most surprised to see invade the MTC is
a) the Walking Dead
b) Beavis and Butthead
c) Jersey Shore
d) Sister Wives
Nick: B

10. So far, I have taken
a) 1 picture
b) 10 pictures
c) 100 pictures
Nick: Like 20-ish

11. I have not sent them to my mother because I am
a) saving them for a big surprise at the end and want to show her in person with a a super long slide show with detailed explanations.
b) I am so focused on learning that I have no time for such frivolous things.
c) I am complete airhead. Deal with it.

Nick: N/A

12. Since I have been here, I have sung "Called to Serve"
a) 10 times
b) 100 times
c) 100 million times
Nick: Seems like C

13. When I get to step foot inside a real market for the first time, I' going to get
a) ear plugs for me and breathe right strips for my companion
b) a toy cell phone that has candy in it so I can pretend I'm texting
c) the ubiquitous Marshmallow Mateys

Nick: C, because I will miss them

14. One suggestion for improvement to MTC life is
a) doggies for the fake houses that we go fake teach in the TRC
b) casual Fridays
c) mommies. everywhere.

Nick: All of the above

15. I feel that questionnaires
a) are juvenile. Nobody else's mom does them.
b) are great. My mom is a genius.
c) It's better than the time my mom yelled, "Go Muffin!" at my lacrosse game.

Nick: C!!!!!

The real part of the letter:

wanna start off by saying thanks for sending me all of the good food over my stay here. My flight plans are for next Wednesday, and I will leave the MTC at 6 in the morning meaning I will be available for a call for sure like at 8:30. Is that alright? I would appreciate it if you would send me a call card and some stamps.

Besides that, everything is going well. This last week has been nutso. We had 3 guys get their visas to Peru and leave, and then the night after, one of the elders here went freakin crazy and went home. So there are 5 guys in my district now. It is very weird and quiet. I am in a triple, with Ward and now Elder McConnell. I really like McConnell, so I was okay with the decision. Sorry for not writing a lot as of late, but nothing new or worth talking about has happened. I have a final Doc appointment on Friday to make sure everything is all clear. I do not have to wear the boot anymore, just a brace. It was glorious taking that bad boy off for the last time. What's up with home? I sent an actual letter to y'all. I also sent you my SD card.

Okay. love ya. Gotta bounce.

Talk to you in 8 days!

Love, Nick

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