Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Part 1

Gracias por su carta. Papa dijo que el envio una paqueta con mis x-rays, pero no he recibido ellos. Es nada.
Estoy animado que usted ha divertido en California, y no pienso que los perritos gustaria el CCM.
Mi tobillo es muy bien. Puedo poner algunas weight (?) en mi tobillo. Todos estan bien.
Estoy muy muy muy animado que los 49ers estan haciando bien este ano. Alex Smith esta viviendo a su potencial.
Es trieste que Steve Jobs murio, pero es genial que Al Davis Murio.
Es tiempo ha sido mal, ha llovido mucho aqui.
Ultima semana, un misionero fue a Peru porque el gano si visa, entonces mi companero y yo ganamos un otro companero, Alex Pinegar, de Alpine, UT. El fue a Lone Peak, pero yo no supe el.
Yo tuve un buen semana. Gracias por sus oraciones.
Y, lo siento, para las frases simplico. Y, por favor, hable Aaron con muchoes comgratulations(?) para mi.
Muy amor,

Part 2

Ok, that email was hard to write- very, very simple. Anyways, what's everyone up to? what's going on with Michael's work? When is he moving to Utah or wherever? How has Brittany been doing?
Have you bought your tickets for NYC yet? Are you even going to NYC?
I forgot to ask how the Primary program was. Did any of the rugrats do anything funny? How is the presidency chugging along?
Oh, I get my flight plans this week. Boy, am I excited to get into the field.
My ankle is doing really well. I can out just about all of my weight on it, but I still crutch around. Thank you for your prayers.
And about Al Davis: what news! I figured he couldn't die, but I guess I was wrong. I'm sure the dark, looming cloud over Oakland is gone, for now.
And about the 49ers: YAAAAAAAAAA! 4-1 is sweet, and a 48-3 win is even better. Harbaugh is the man.
I would tell about all of the crazy experiences here, but there are none. We do the same thing everyday and therefore, there is no news of excitement.
Because I have nothing to do at our gym time because of my ankle, I have taken up doing pushups. This week I'm at 145 a day. And every other night our district does Ab Ripper X from the P90X workout.My buddy, Elder Frame, has the routine memorized. It's good fun. I have put on like 8-ish lbs of good weight.
Speaking of weight, how fat is Daffy? 15-16 lbs? Do you just have to roll her everywhere now?
My Spanish is coming along well. I can speak it well enough to communicate like a 7 year old. With my uhhh's and ummmm's, it isn't awful, and I can understand pretty much any one of the teachers when I'm paying attention.
This is my second to last P-day in the MTC. That is weird. Looking back, these past 2 months have gone by pretty quick. Some very slow weeks, but overall the time is going by well. I have heard that in the field, the time flies. It is crazy to think that Brady and Colton have already been out a year.
How many inches of snow did Highland get? We saw snow, but it never stuck. Those few days were freeeeezing. I'm sure Mizzou will be even colder.
Alrighty, it's time for me to go. Thanks for everything.
Love, Nick

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