Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween I actually am dressing up as a kid with some books for you to read.
About Devon's costumes, I get the Lilly Potter but what is Tetras? Like the game?
The weather here is pretty nice, tons of trees, so tons of good leaves and such. It is getting a little colder though.
This Sunday was the Primary Program in the ward. It was good, lots of little kids singing.
Yeah, I have found out that people don't like LDS people. Some guy stopped us on the street and told us that our Jesus was the son of Lucifer and that God impregnated Mary. He also said that he was Catholic until he started reading the Bible, so that justified any validity that he had.
Besides that- Wow, lots of other good stuff is going on: Ali and her call, multiple new cousin babies, fun stuff.

Ok, here's the stuff you want to hear:

2012 Oakland Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66102

Send letters and stuff there, but send packages to the Mission Office by priority mail.

Yeah so I am in KCK. It is very ghetto but the people are really good here. My trainer is Elder Gallegos. He was born in Mexico but moved to Utah for a few years before he came to the mission. He is a good guy. We are doing a lot of work with less active members because there are so many of them. But we do have 4 or 5 progressing investigators. Our ward that we are in is called Kaw River, and it has both Spanish and English people in it so the Sacrament Meetings are crazy, especially during hymns. The ward is really nice, and they all speak really fast Spanish. We get fed just about every night, so that is good. There are English missionaries here as well, but they don't get fed as much as the Spanish do, and they gripe about it sometimes. We have a baptism scheduled for next Sunday. Her name is Jennifer and Gallegos was already in this area so I just kinda jumped in to all of his investigators with him.
Then this week I have to give the baptismal invitation to Juan Albarez, a guy who is getting married to a member. I haven't met the other investigators yet. We spend a lot of time visiting with less actives, trying to talk them into coming to church. There are also a lot of part-member families in this area as well.
Last Saturday we had the chance to go to a food shelter and prepared and served those in need of some food. It was a good experience. There were a lot of volunteers there, mostly from Baptist and Methodist churches. Oh yeah, there are a LOT of churches here, like building wise. Some of them are huge and old, and others are empty. Some Baptists tried to talk us into joining their church, because we apparently haven't accepted Jesus and we need to be saved. My bad.
The weekends are slow here for missionary work, so not a lot has really happened since I have gotten here. But we got here safely, and spent the first night in the mission home. That first day we went to Liberty Jail and did the tour, and then went to the Visitor Center in Independence and kinda hung out for like an hour. The VC in Independence is right across the street from the Christ's Church temple. It looks like a giant Hershey kiss. There are a lot of hills here, which is something that I didn't expect.
My mission president is very nice. His name sounds odder than how it is spelled. It is Keyes, but pronounced Eyes with a K. He is a nice guy though. We live with a member named Clark. He is in his 20's and is going to dental school soon. He has a dog, her name is Sadie,and she is friendly.
As far as your questions:
1. I haven't had any funny mistakes, just slow Spanish.
2.The ward is having a trunk-or-treat tonight, so we may go because we cannot proselyte tonight.
3.And I do eat fruits and vegetables. The members tell me that I will probably gain weight here, but I'm going to only gain the good weight with a balanced diet and exercise. Grrrrreeeaat!

I hope I have fulfilled your desires to hear my life, but feel free to ask more questions and to send me stuff.
Mom: Of course Sharyn and Grandad are going on cool trips. You guys should retire soon and party like they do.
Dad: You should be proud to know that I sleep with 49er blankets every night.


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