Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Almost Phone Call Time!

You can start counting We will hopefully be skypeing and calling next Sunday at about 3ish my time. Honestly, I'm looking forward to talking to y'all for a good chunk of time.
Yes, I do feel very adored by all of the stuff that I am getting. It is a lot of stuff and thank you so much for sending me stuff. It is nice to feel the family love.
We have been busy this week trying to see people before the work dies down for the holidays. The Natividads are doing well. Jesus hurt his back last week so he has been in and out of the doctor's office this past week. But he is good. He should be getting the priesthood pretty soon. Yesterday at church was awesome. Some inactive families came, and that was great. Yeah we have been seeing one of the families that came last week out of the blue. They are the Bogorquez's and they are awesome. We taught them 3 times last week and they came again yesterday to church. They have told us that they know this gospel is true, and that they want to learn more. It is very exciting to see a family that are doing the things that they need to do to progress. RADICAL!
We went to the Liberty Jail yesterday for a fireside. It is crazy how close all of that Church history is from here.
Yeah we have our regular P-day next Monday, but the libraries are closed, so we can't email. Rats.
It may snow here this week, so we may have an icy Christmas. You lucky dogs will be in California having a hyphy Christmas. You probably don't get that reference. Don't worry about it. It's Bay Area slang.
Okey dokey. It. Is. Time.
1. As a whole the church still does new member lessons. Our ward is having a lot of unity problems so the members here don't do them. It is tough. No body Spanish-wise does home teaching or visiting teaching. There is a lot of pride and gossip. It is bad for the ward. The bishop is trying to focus the ward on unity this upcoming year, so maybe that will help them.
2. We did a service project called the Red-Bag project. There are like 500 bags of gifts for kids in the area. We took them out of a semi, sorted them, and then different agencies came and picked them up to distribute. It was cool. We got to help little kids have Christmas.
3. I'm not sure what kind of dog I will get. Maybe a big dog, maybe a little dog. Maybe a white dog, maybe a black dog. Who really knows.
Mom:Dad told me about the vegetarian thing. That's cool,I guess,if you are in to that sort of thing.
Dad: Go Niners!

Have a good week, travel safely, and get ready for my most anticipated call of my life (so far).
Love you,

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wow, lots of fun in the Sun in Utah. Are you dancing, and prancing around the empty house? Tell Michael congrats on the job front.
I too am sending a package to you today, don't open it until Christmas. I'm not a 100 percent sure how we are going to do the phone thing, but I will let you know next week for sure. Only 13 days!!!!
The work was pretty good this week. We didn't do a whole lot on Friday because we were getting everything ready for the baptism but all in all we had a fairly good week. Jesus and Brandon were confirmed yesterday, and we had 3 random new people show up to church yesterday, so that is good. Oh our ward got sister missionaries this week. They are nice, I guess. They are Spanish speaking as well, so hopefully they don't steal our investigators. The Kaw River ward Christmas party was on Saturday. It was pretty OK. There were 20 non members that showed up, so that was really good. It was a party/talent show and we, unknowingly, had to sing at the end. We sang jingle bells, it was awful. Also the Spanish Elders Quorum did a very funny skit. They strapped deflated balloons to their faces and held big feathers to look like turkeys and danced around to Swan Lake. It was funny. I have a video on my camera.
I feel bad because there is not too much to say this week. We just kinda went throughout our days like missionaries.

3 Questions:
1. We actually don't do very much tracting. A lot of the times we just talk to people on the street as we go from appointment to appointment. We have tracted, but only for a few minutes here or there.
2. This morning we had a big service project at the church, so I didn't get to study this morning. It's postponed till later. I have recently been reading all of the accounts of Jesus' birth in the new testament. Good stuff.
3. I haven't really needed to wear the big heavy coat just yet. This week was fairly mild so there wasn't a big need for it. I do wear the little coat from the big coat quite a bit though.

Mom:Oh yeah, there is something else that I could mention. I dreamt in Spanish last week. It was cool. Ever since then my Spanish has been pretty good. Not fluent, but good. I can understand everything, and say what I want. It just takes me a while sometimes.
Dad: Sup fool.
Dang Niners. Do you think that they may have been looking ahead to the Pittsburgh game a little? Is big ben going to play next week?
Yeah the baptisms actually happened last Friday. It was a good little service. I got to baptise Brandon, the son. It went well I guess. Hopefully, we can have some more baptisms in the coming month. Yesterday at church, 3 new investigators just showed up out of nowhere. It was exciting. And I had to cover for somebody and teach a primary class. Good thing you taught me well at that category. Thanks for everything that you have done for me. Oh and I lost my sweatshirt. I dunno where, but it is gone. For Christmas could you give me some money to go and buy a new one? If not, don't worry about it.
Alright, I don't have a ton of time to write this week so I gotta go.Have a good week. Love you lots.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Good Week

Hey, tell YBA a huge thank you. I will be sending a card as well.
Wow, Australia for Taylor, that is sweet.
Tell Ellie that maybe Jesus wants some of the memory foam slippers that you sent me. They are commmmmmfy.
Why is Dad going to Wisconsin? Sounds wicked boring. I couldn't tell you where to get a yarmulke. Try your neighborhood rabbi.
The Christmas devotional was good! It was a good little battery-charger to hear from the First Presidency of the Church.

This week has been very good. Monday night we went to teach this man, Jesus Natividad. His wife and two of their kids were baptized I think like a year ago, and they have one other who isn't baptized. Anyways, we were teaching him and his son about baptism, and when we were teaching I got this impression saying "He is going to get baptized," and so I invited him to be baptized and he said that he would. His son is also getting baptized. It should be this Friday. I'm happy for him.
Other than that this week has been busy. We worked pretty hard and we taught 34 lessons this week. We had some team-ups this week with members of the elder's quorum from the ward. They went really well. They were both converts and were able to share their experiences with some the investigators that hopefully will help get them going. Whenever we use converts it helps us so much because they really know what the investigators are going through while they are listening to us.
We had to go to the Mission Home this week for a meeting because I am getting trained. All of our group that came out at the same time was there. It was good to talk to some of my airplane-mates. Anyways President Keyes gave a good point when describing church. We usually just invite the investigators to church without explaining it too much. President said that we should really spend a little bit of time telling the investigators what happens during church because most of the people have very different perceptions of church.
After the meeting we went to the Church of Christ temple, you know the ugly spiral building. It was very...interesting. They have completely changed the Book of Mormon, and have like 150-something sections of the Doctrines and Covenants, cuh-razy. Them folks be nuts. Anyways this week was good and productive.

3 Questions Time!!!!
1. The fudge has landed. I got it I think on Friday. It is good. Thanks for the articles as well. Oh yeah, the Church of Christ people have the original door from the Liberty Jail.
2. My shoes are good. My dogs don't really bark at the end of the day. They usually are fine. Sometimes frozen, but mostly just fine. It is getting COLD here. It may snow on Friday. Yikes. Better than ice I guess.
3. Sadie the dog can do a few tricks. Her favorite trick is to run out of the house and go frolic in the neighborhood for a few hours. She leaps like a deer when she is escaping. Other than that she can sit, shake, speak, and turn. Good dog.

Dad- Playoffs? PLAYOFFS? I mean… Playoffs? Sorry, channeling my inner Jim Mora Sr. That is awesome. Looking at their schedule they should realistically be 13-3, maybe 14-2 if they can pull out a win against the Steelers. Tell Frank Gore congrats for me. The Holiday Bowl is a pretty good bowl. When was the last time Cal played Texas? Ever? The Rose Bowl sounds like it will be a goody.

All is good in the hood. Love you.
Love, Nick

Monday, November 28, 2011

Triptophan Coma

Thanksgiving was okay. We didn't end up eating at the bishop's house, so instead we got invited by this very Molly Mormon family to eat. All their kids are perfect, and I think I might leave a little to be desired. The food was really good, but it was boring being there. And we played a scripture game. Yes, a scripture game. Apparently, knowing who Moses married is really important doctrine, sorry Zeporah or Zeborah, or whatever. We had some pumpkin pie and that was good. The mom made some jello with applesauce and sprite in it, I liked that. Kansas and Missouri played in the I-could-care-less-bowl on Saturday. Because there are so many hispanos in the ward, zero people even mentioned the game. But all talked about the new FIFA 12 game.

This week had been frustrating. Juan can't be baptized until he sees a doctor because our Bishop thinks that he is schizophrenic. None of our investigators are reading or praying so they can't really progress. With the investigators it is hard because honestly, it is not at all about the numbers, but the fact that they can't know that this is the same church that Jesus Christ organized on the earth unless they read even just a little bit of the Book of Mormon, and then pray about it. Moroni's promise ain't lying, people. So if you are going to pray for anything, pray that they can pray. I know that prayer will help them to know.
It has been a trying week, but this one should be better.The Christmas program from the First Presidency is this week, and that should be great.
Anyways, it is starting to get cold here. And the cold here is nothing like Utah. Them folks were right when they said cold to the bone. The humidity and the cold is killer. Luckily for me, it's only November. Novembuurrrrrrr!
It sounds like Thanksgiving was good at home, so that is some good news. That is good that Kimmy Johnson is going to serve a mission. She'll be a good missionary.

Tiempo para contestar las preguntas:
1. Yes, we have a vacuum. And yes, we use it. Not entirely often, but we do use it once every few weeks.
2. The only TV that I miss is Sportscenter. But usually when we go into the homes, the ladies are watching the novelas, so I know that one actress is in distress, and another is surprised, and another wants to kiss some guy, and another doesn't want the other to kiss the guy, and so on and so forth.
3. We just have two boring beds, not bunks here. Just NINER SHEETS.

Dad: Wow. Nine sacks is a ton. Hopefully ,they will still clinch a playoff spot, with a home game against the Shams.The Cal game sounds like a shootout, and how did Utah lose to Colorado? So Oregon will win the Pac 12.I heard about the NBA. That is pretty crazy- 66 games in 4 months is a lot. Maybe the Warriors can just scrape into the playoffs by not playing defense again.

Anyways things are trucking along here, the transfer ends next week. I'll still be here though. Life is good. Tell people hi and such.

Love you, Nick

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanskgiving!

OK business time.
1. Because our mission has the most missionaries in the WORLD, the mission office simply can't handle packages for 250 people, so YOU CAN SEND THEM STRAIGHT TO MY HOUSE!!!!!!! But still use USPS because if we're not home, then we can pick them up, instead of the other delivery places just dropping them at the door, waiting to be stolen.
2. Can you or Devon do some investigating and get me a way to contact Harold? And can you send me Spencer's email?
3. Did we ever get our family pictures? What do they look like?

OK. Here we go.
It kinda feels like Thanksgiving a little. We are going to the bishop's house to eat which means we get white people food,so that is pretty good.
That is great that Lone Peak won state. I'm glad my alma mater is kicking butt. Where are they ranked nationally?
That story from Jillyn is wild. But great. It sounds like she had a great time. It's funny that she has an accent.
The weather here is starting to get cold. And because we don't have the car this week, it will probably rain or snow. Who knows?
We didn't have the chance to see Magdalina this week. But we saw Ruben and invited him to be baptized. He wants to, but he wants to be perfect before the baptism, which well, is why we get baptized, to be clean. Julian came to church yesterday, and had a really good experience in teacher's quorum he said. So hopefully some progress can start with him. We also saw Juan this week, twice actually. We taught him about faith during our second lesson. It went really well. He wants to get baptized, but he has to be approved by the bishop I think, because he lives with someone who he is not married to, but she is a member too.
We had 32 lessons this week, so we were busy. I think I will send my planner to you after this transfer so you can see what I do. Oh, I turn 3 months on Thursday. That is crazy. In all honesty, the MTC crept along as far as time, but this past month has gone by so fast. The days have felt like mere hours, and weeks feel like very quick days.
The weirdest thing that I ate this week was.....pig skin. Not a football. Actual skin from a pig. It was simply disgusting.
Mom: As far as your little Spanish class goes, yeah preterit and imperfect don't even bother me anymore. They just come. I can actually feel myself getting better at Spanish everyday. It is freakin sweet.
Dad: I was really hoping Cal would win this year, but I guess not. They can beat ASU this week. And for the Niners, how great are they? Did Gore play? And the NBA not playing means one less year of the Warriors stinking up the history books.

To answer the 3 questions of the week:
1. We have a washer and dryer in our house which is SO nice. I can do my laundry at any time, which I have taken advantage of.
2. My companion does not cut my hair, nor will he ever. Period.
3. I told dad what I want for Christmas, so seek his council.

I am happy in the field. I really enjoy my time here. We have hard times, but they are worth it.

I can't picture myself anywhere else, and I am happy to serve as Elder Nicholas Jeffrey LaMay.

Love, Nick

Monday, November 14, 2011

Merrily He Rolls Along...

It was a good week. We kept pretty busy for not having a car. We have 2 new investigators, Julian and Magdalina. Julian is a nephew of Jennifer, and came back to KCK from California because he was having some troubles. He has done a lot in his life, and he's only 15. When he was like 12 he got into gangs and lived that life for a while. His friend was put in prison for murder and his last words to Julian were to get out of the gang life. So his parents sent him to his aunt's house in CA to go to a Christian school, but he would fight with his aunt a lot so they sent him back here. Now he is trying to turn his life around but his old friends still think that he is the same kid and are trying to influence him badly.
Magdalina is from Mexico. She likes religion a lot so hopefully some good things come from that. Her son is in a prominent KCK gang called Floretine 13. She wants help with him. We are working hard, and it is starting to get colder here. Life is good in the field. We get fed a lot, even if we don't have dinner appointments with people, they feed you no matter what. I have learned to pretty much not eat anything at home because I will get fed anyways.
Life here is cool. I see chihuahuas every day and they remind me of Daffy. Sometimes they're nice dogs and not trying to bite my feet.

Okay- Tres Preguntas Para Nick:
1.I do not get to drive yet, we have to memorize the basic overviews of the lessons in PMG and pass them off to district and zone leaders. But we have the car this week, which is very nice.
2.I have not had to cook anything yet. Just warm up some oatmeal or pizza rolls and make nutella and get this, REESES' peanut butter sandwiches! And FYI-the folks here don't really make tortillas, they just buy these little ones at the Mexican stores and cook them on a stove. Don't count on me whipping some up when I get home.
3.On Sundays in our ward, we just kinda go to classes with investigators, and we are like permanent subs for Sunday School. Last week we taught the teenagers chastity. It was funny. But yeah we just have meetings before church with our ward mission leader, and then just do our thing during church.

Mom- Tell the missionary moms hello, hola, or whatever really.
Kate and Jacob better hope that their son goes to Boise State;otherwise, who knows what will happen.

Dad- GO NINERS!!! And now we know that they won't be less than .500 this year. They should be fairly close to clinching the NFC West, right? Did the Packers lose yet?
I had to watch like 1/2 hour of soccer on Friday- it was so boring. Cal is bowl eligible- that is good. Is the town live with Lone Peak Love?

That's about it, nothing wildly exciting happened this week.
I love you, Nick

Monday, November 7, 2011

Humming Along

I hope that dafferdiddles doesn't get electrocuted chewing on the computer cord. Tell Brit congrats.
Tell Ali congrats, that is really cool. What language is she learning, or is she learning one at all?
Louie died? Wow, that is pretty crazy. is Gerry dancing around in joy, or now that he is gone, is Gerry sad?

Yeah so we had a baptism yesterday. It was good. This big Samoan dude came and sang for a musical number. It was really good. But yeah, she didn't back out, she said she was nervous, and kinda got scared because her family was being stupid, but she came, and said that she felt so good afterwards.
My other investigator said that he will get baptized, so that is good. He just got off probation and so it may be a few weeks until the baptism actually happens.
This week we found an inactive family that hasn't been to church in 5 years. When we went you could tell that the mom really was happy that we finally showed up. The problem is that the parents work on Sundays, so we have to find rides for the kids. We will have to ask the ward here for help with that. I wish they could remember that the littlest thing really does help. But it's alright, that is why we are here. We worked pretty hard this week, we taught 31 lessons. It is weird because during the day you don't notice how many people you see but then when you look back and count the numbers it really adds up.
My Spanish is getting pretty good. I can understand the people for the most part. Sometimes when my mind wanders, I have no idea what they're saying, but for the majority, I can understand them.
Lemme tell you, the time change has been nice. The extra little hour makes quite the difference.
The lady next to me at the library is watching some cats dance on youtube.
Oh, and I am going to have to like soccer I think, which is quite contrary to my previous beliefs. We play every Tuesday night with the ward, and that is all that the kids here talk about, so eventually I will get sucked in (sorry Dad).
Okay so to answer las preguntas:
1. We share a car with the English elders, so one week we have it and one week we rides bikes or take the bus. This week we don't have the car.
2. People here don't talk with a midwestern drawl. Well they do, but I honestly haven't talked to a local white person, so everyone else either speaks hood, or Spanish.
3. Yeah, our ward has I think like 7 missionaries. There are 2 English and 2 s
Spanish sets of elders, and then one local couple that helps at the Bishop's storehouse and at the Visitors Center, and then there is Elder Heath, a part time missionary with cognitive disabilities. His parents are in our ward, so this is where he serves.
4. Thank you for the prayers. I think I am alright, as of now.
I love you all and hope that you have a good week.
Love, Nick

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween I actually am dressing up as a kid with some books for you to read.
About Devon's costumes, I get the Lilly Potter but what is Tetras? Like the game?
The weather here is pretty nice, tons of trees, so tons of good leaves and such. It is getting a little colder though.
This Sunday was the Primary Program in the ward. It was good, lots of little kids singing.
Yeah, I have found out that people don't like LDS people. Some guy stopped us on the street and told us that our Jesus was the son of Lucifer and that God impregnated Mary. He also said that he was Catholic until he started reading the Bible, so that justified any validity that he had.
Besides that- Wow, lots of other good stuff is going on: Ali and her call, multiple new cousin babies, fun stuff.

Ok, here's the stuff you want to hear:

2012 Oakland Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66102

Send letters and stuff there, but send packages to the Mission Office by priority mail.

Yeah so I am in KCK. It is very ghetto but the people are really good here. My trainer is Elder Gallegos. He was born in Mexico but moved to Utah for a few years before he came to the mission. He is a good guy. We are doing a lot of work with less active members because there are so many of them. But we do have 4 or 5 progressing investigators. Our ward that we are in is called Kaw River, and it has both Spanish and English people in it so the Sacrament Meetings are crazy, especially during hymns. The ward is really nice, and they all speak really fast Spanish. We get fed just about every night, so that is good. There are English missionaries here as well, but they don't get fed as much as the Spanish do, and they gripe about it sometimes. We have a baptism scheduled for next Sunday. Her name is Jennifer and Gallegos was already in this area so I just kinda jumped in to all of his investigators with him.
Then this week I have to give the baptismal invitation to Juan Albarez, a guy who is getting married to a member. I haven't met the other investigators yet. We spend a lot of time visiting with less actives, trying to talk them into coming to church. There are also a lot of part-member families in this area as well.
Last Saturday we had the chance to go to a food shelter and prepared and served those in need of some food. It was a good experience. There were a lot of volunteers there, mostly from Baptist and Methodist churches. Oh yeah, there are a LOT of churches here, like building wise. Some of them are huge and old, and others are empty. Some Baptists tried to talk us into joining their church, because we apparently haven't accepted Jesus and we need to be saved. My bad.
The weekends are slow here for missionary work, so not a lot has really happened since I have gotten here. But we got here safely, and spent the first night in the mission home. That first day we went to Liberty Jail and did the tour, and then went to the Visitor Center in Independence and kinda hung out for like an hour. The VC in Independence is right across the street from the Christ's Church temple. It looks like a giant Hershey kiss. There are a lot of hills here, which is something that I didn't expect.
My mission president is very nice. His name sounds odder than how it is spelled. It is Keyes, but pronounced Eyes with a K. He is a nice guy though. We live with a member named Clark. He is in his 20's and is going to dental school soon. He has a dog, her name is Sadie,and she is friendly.
As far as your questions:
1. I haven't had any funny mistakes, just slow Spanish.
2.The ward is having a trunk-or-treat tonight, so we may go because we cannot proselyte tonight.
3.And I do eat fruits and vegetables. The members tell me that I will probably gain weight here, but I'm going to only gain the good weight with a balanced diet and exercise. Grrrrreeeaat!

I hope I have fulfilled your desires to hear my life, but feel free to ask more questions and to send me stuff.
Mom: Of course Sharyn and Grandad are going on cool trips. You guys should retire soon and party like they do.
Dad: You should be proud to know that I sleep with 49er blankets every night.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Ok so the doctor gave me the go-ahead! I just have to wear the brace all the time for the next month or so, and then anytime I am playing sports after that.

This past week has flown by, and luckily, I sat next to Spencer pretty much all day Friday during our in-field orientation. It was nice to have a little time with him before we both take off. All I really have to do today is pack, pack, pack for the field. I am so excited to get out there. I have really come to know that my call truly is of God, and that I will be walking some of the most important ground in our dispensation for the next 20-odd months.
I will find out when everything is tomorrow and let you know asap. I will also find out if you can send stuff directly to me. What has brittany said about her trial, have you talked to her yet? And don't worry, I will take as long as I want tomorrow on the phone, no matter how big the line is.
I am very excited to leave the cage and never have to come back again. This place has been okay, but these past 2 months were rough. I have heard the time in the field flies, and I am excited about getting busy.

How is the puppy? I miss her. What is going on with the whole fam? What is everyoone up to? Are Sharyn and Grandad traveling to some crazy destination?

That story about Bro. White is pretty funny. Oh yeah! Elder Richard G. Scott came to the MTC last tuesday! It was a great talk. He talked about revelation through the Holy Ghost, it was incredible. He also told us to get married when we come home. Apparently, the brethren really want people to get married. I had to talk in church on Sunday about enduring to the end with obedience. It was pretty good. It was in spanish though. Oh I can finally read and comprehend my Spanish scriptures now! It's really nice because I have to focus when i read them so I get more out of it when i read as opposed to English. Alright, Mom: I am sorry to hear that your husband is in love with a telephone, but I suppose I should have expected it. He falls in love with just about anything, especially little metal devices.

Dad: Great that Cal finally won a game and that the Niners are doing so well.

Thanks for sending me everything that you have so far, and thank you for your prayers. I love you and will talk to you tomorrow at hopefully 8:30 am.

Love, Nick

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Editor's Note: Nick tells us nothing. We are desperate for information. We have resorted to a survey, which he graciously answered with a single letter of the alphabet. Hope he's not too tired from the exertion. Here it is:

We feel like we don't know what your everyday life is like, and we want to. Clearly, it is time for a questionnaire. Please answer the following:

1. Re: the crutches-
a) I still have them and I detest them.
b) I'm free, but I really hurt.
c) I kicked em to the curb and am tap dancing in the hallways.

Nick: C.

2. For breakfast, I eat
a) toast
b) air. I hate breakfast.
c) the ubiquitous Marshmallow Mateys
Nick: D- whatever I want.

3. My favorite treat so far has been
a) the pumpkin chocolate chip bread my beloved mother made me
b) the Nutella swirled cheesecakes my beloved mother made me
c) the snickerdoodles that my beloved mother made me
Nick: D- those Nutella cookies from Brit.

Editor's Note: Boys are stupid.

4. Re: being a host for the incoming missionaries tomorrow:
a) I already have my white shirt ironed and my encouraging, friendly phrases rehearsed
b) I can't wait to scare the pants off the new kid and get him lost
c) Not me. Wheelchairs and crutches not allowed.

Nick: D- Not this week.

5. Last week the push up count was 145/ day. This week, I'm at
a) at 150
b) at 190
c) at 20. I'm so over push ups.
Nick: close to B- 165.

6. The scales of Dad's that I miss the most are
a) the ones that go up and down over and over again.
b) the ones that go up and down over and over again.
c) the ones that go up and down over and over again.

Nick: A, B, and C

7. For lunch I have
a) salad
b) desperation sandwich
c) the ubiquitous Marshmallow Mateys
Nick: B, whatever that is.

8. In the Narnia hole, My companion and I will leave
a) the whoopee cushion my beloved mother sent me
b) the fake mustaches Brittany sent me
c) the ubiquitous Marshmallow Mateys

Nick: Probably A.

9.The TV show the I would be most surprised to see invade the MTC is
a) the Walking Dead
b) Beavis and Butthead
c) Jersey Shore
d) Sister Wives
Nick: B

10. So far, I have taken
a) 1 picture
b) 10 pictures
c) 100 pictures
Nick: Like 20-ish

11. I have not sent them to my mother because I am
a) saving them for a big surprise at the end and want to show her in person with a a super long slide show with detailed explanations.
b) I am so focused on learning that I have no time for such frivolous things.
c) I am complete airhead. Deal with it.

Nick: N/A

12. Since I have been here, I have sung "Called to Serve"
a) 10 times
b) 100 times
c) 100 million times
Nick: Seems like C

13. When I get to step foot inside a real market for the first time, I' going to get
a) ear plugs for me and breathe right strips for my companion
b) a toy cell phone that has candy in it so I can pretend I'm texting
c) the ubiquitous Marshmallow Mateys

Nick: C, because I will miss them

14. One suggestion for improvement to MTC life is
a) doggies for the fake houses that we go fake teach in the TRC
b) casual Fridays
c) mommies. everywhere.

Nick: All of the above

15. I feel that questionnaires
a) are juvenile. Nobody else's mom does them.
b) are great. My mom is a genius.
c) It's better than the time my mom yelled, "Go Muffin!" at my lacrosse game.

Nick: C!!!!!

The real part of the letter:

wanna start off by saying thanks for sending me all of the good food over my stay here. My flight plans are for next Wednesday, and I will leave the MTC at 6 in the morning meaning I will be available for a call for sure like at 8:30. Is that alright? I would appreciate it if you would send me a call card and some stamps.

Besides that, everything is going well. This last week has been nutso. We had 3 guys get their visas to Peru and leave, and then the night after, one of the elders here went freakin crazy and went home. So there are 5 guys in my district now. It is very weird and quiet. I am in a triple, with Ward and now Elder McConnell. I really like McConnell, so I was okay with the decision. Sorry for not writing a lot as of late, but nothing new or worth talking about has happened. I have a final Doc appointment on Friday to make sure everything is all clear. I do not have to wear the boot anymore, just a brace. It was glorious taking that bad boy off for the last time. What's up with home? I sent an actual letter to y'all. I also sent you my SD card.

Okay. love ya. Gotta bounce.

Talk to you in 8 days!

Love, Nick

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Part 1

Gracias por su carta. Papa dijo que el envio una paqueta con mis x-rays, pero no he recibido ellos. Es nada.
Estoy animado que usted ha divertido en California, y no pienso que los perritos gustaria el CCM.
Mi tobillo es muy bien. Puedo poner algunas weight (?) en mi tobillo. Todos estan bien.
Estoy muy muy muy animado que los 49ers estan haciando bien este ano. Alex Smith esta viviendo a su potencial.
Es trieste que Steve Jobs murio, pero es genial que Al Davis Murio.
Es tiempo ha sido mal, ha llovido mucho aqui.
Ultima semana, un misionero fue a Peru porque el gano si visa, entonces mi companero y yo ganamos un otro companero, Alex Pinegar, de Alpine, UT. El fue a Lone Peak, pero yo no supe el.
Yo tuve un buen semana. Gracias por sus oraciones.
Y, lo siento, para las frases simplico. Y, por favor, hable Aaron con muchoes comgratulations(?) para mi.
Muy amor,

Part 2

Ok, that email was hard to write- very, very simple. Anyways, what's everyone up to? what's going on with Michael's work? When is he moving to Utah or wherever? How has Brittany been doing?
Have you bought your tickets for NYC yet? Are you even going to NYC?
I forgot to ask how the Primary program was. Did any of the rugrats do anything funny? How is the presidency chugging along?
Oh, I get my flight plans this week. Boy, am I excited to get into the field.
My ankle is doing really well. I can out just about all of my weight on it, but I still crutch around. Thank you for your prayers.
And about Al Davis: what news! I figured he couldn't die, but I guess I was wrong. I'm sure the dark, looming cloud over Oakland is gone, for now.
And about the 49ers: YAAAAAAAAAA! 4-1 is sweet, and a 48-3 win is even better. Harbaugh is the man.
I would tell about all of the crazy experiences here, but there are none. We do the same thing everyday and therefore, there is no news of excitement.
Because I have nothing to do at our gym time because of my ankle, I have taken up doing pushups. This week I'm at 145 a day. And every other night our district does Ab Ripper X from the P90X workout.My buddy, Elder Frame, has the routine memorized. It's good fun. I have put on like 8-ish lbs of good weight.
Speaking of weight, how fat is Daffy? 15-16 lbs? Do you just have to roll her everywhere now?
My Spanish is coming along well. I can speak it well enough to communicate like a 7 year old. With my uhhh's and ummmm's, it isn't awful, and I can understand pretty much any one of the teachers when I'm paying attention.
This is my second to last P-day in the MTC. That is weird. Looking back, these past 2 months have gone by pretty quick. Some very slow weeks, but overall the time is going by well. I have heard that in the field, the time flies. It is crazy to think that Brady and Colton have already been out a year.
How many inches of snow did Highland get? We saw snow, but it never stuck. Those few days were freeeeezing. I'm sure Mizzou will be even colder.
Alrighty, it's time for me to go. Thanks for everything.
Love, Nick

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My, how he babbles on and on

I would have written this in Spanish, but I have zero time today.

This week has been good, though. Conference was dope! Lots of very good insight from the Brethren.

I will hopefully write more at some point this week, but I have found my buen animo. The Lord has provided his love for me.

I am a missionary for the next 22 months.

Love you,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aaaaand he's back.

Hey sorry about last night. I was in a rush and forgot to put am or pm. Today has been okay though after talking to Dad I really took some time to ponder. It was also nice to be able to relax for a little bit and clear my mind. I wrote a letter today and sent a picture. I figured I have been so mopey that you haven't really been able to hear what I have been doing.

We all introduced made up investigators to one another, and now our district objective is to teach those investigators. So being ten of us, I now have 10 (8 + both teachers) investigators. It hopefully will be good to prepare for the amount of people that I'll teach in the field. My investigator is named Manny. He is a good dude, since I made him up. I won't lie, it is hard not to type in Spanish to you. I keep accidentally putting the sentences in Spanish structure to you and then realize I sound funny. I heard through the grapevine that the brethren have started calling Spanish speaking missionaries to 6 weeks in the MTC. That's freaking nuts. My six week mark is next Tuesday, and there would be no way that I would be ready to go preach in Spanish.
Please tell me some things of normalcy.I need the news of the outside world. Also, can you send my ankle brace that may or may not be in my lacrosse bag? And can you have dad send the scores for this week? My district is urging for the weekly sports updates.
So Gen-Con 2011 is this week, and we have to go to the main big room and sit in uncomfortable chairs for hours on end- yippee. I'm sure it will be good though. I'm pretty accustomed to seeing apostles now seeing as we have had 3 in 4 weeks, possibly 4 of 5 if tonight plays out.
Dev, I saw Broc today in the laundry room. We chatted for a little bit. I just figured you would want to hear that.
Alright. Well, gotta bounce.

Also, thanks for the Count Chocula. It has been tasty.

(Editor's note: Where the heck is someone finding Count Chocula? It has been missing from Utah for years.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To the Point

Hey the podiatrist says I have a bone fragment in my ankle and that I tore two ligaments. I'm supposed to be on crutches for two weeks, then I have to wear a brace for like two months. It sounded like there was some hesitation as to if I could actually go through with the mission from the doctor's tone of voice. This is hard. I'm going to talk to my branch president tonight.
Thanks for all of the treats this past week. Brit's cookies win. They were heavenly.
M. Russell Ballard spoke to us last Tuesday. It was a good, dry talk. Two apostles in three weeks is a pretty solid ratio. This week our devotional is about the book of Mormon Ensign. Hopefully it turns out alright.
We had to move buildings again today. So that was pretty much my pday.
Love, Nick

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Update on the ankle: It is big, swollen, and hurt pretty bad. I'm on crutches and it sucks pretty bad. They said that there is a possibility that it was dislocated, but they can't figure out if it was or not.

This week has been tough.

This week we have taught 2 investigators, one named Manuel and the other Faber. Manuel is coming along well; the 1st discussion went over like a charm. We have only met with Faber once, but it was a good lesson.

I'm glad that the Niners and Cal won. At least a few bay area teams can actually do something right for at least a week.

I don't have a crazy amount to say this week. The ankle injury has really discouraged me a lot. It has made everything that much more difficult, and I'm struggling.

Hopefully, the iron chef will help out.

Love you,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Book is Blue....

This week has been mad fast. I can't believe that it is already Tuesday again. It has been a good week. A tough week, but a good week. That Carlos dude, yeah he is our teacher now. We all "committed" him, and then after those lessons he walked in and told us that he will now be our teacher. And since he is legit from Mexico, his Spanish is crazy fast.

My district was talking about it and the MTC is no big secret. A lot of people ask what goes on behind closed doors. Studying. Studying is what does on behind closed doors. I saw Kade Worton (a friend from school) the other day and he is a lucky dog. Although he is going to India (yep.), he gets to speak English and therefore gets to teach people in English. I had a pretty humbling experience with the language yesterday. I felt that everything was going well with Spanish and then we had our first meeting with Manuel, our Carlos teacher's other character. I could not figure out how to say anything. It was so frustrating. I know that the Lord was giving me a humility lesson, but boy was it annoying. Elder Yarro, a funny dude in our residency hall, said that whenever you get feeling good about something, BOOM! Heavenly Father keeps you in check.

Speaking of residency halls... We got kicked out. Ha, no we just had to move because they are going to renovate our old building. The Cage is no exception to the Utah rule of Thumb: Under Construction. This place is one of a kind.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland came to speak with us last Tuesday. That was a crazy cool thing. He said so much to us. We are missionaries in the Last Dispensation; there will be no other apostasies in our time. Our work needs to be done. He also told us that we don't have the right to give up. Too many people have sacrificed their time and even their lives for our church. This came 4 hours after that sister in New York was killed in the car accident. He then answered some questions that missionaries wrote for him. I don't have my notes with me, so I can't write them down for you, but it was a powerful experience. That man has so much humility, and so much love for his work. He did say that for 2 years we get to do work that is almost identical to the work that apostles do. So that's pretty dope.

My vocab is filled with all kinds of Spanish now. It is so hard not to type "y" instead of "and" and I say "chis pas" all the time (it's an exclamation that we don't entirely know what it means).

The book is blue and the Church is true. I wish I had more to say, but I don't.

I love you all and I hope you have great weeks.


P.S. Dad, can you send me some articles with pictures from the games like once a week?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nick's First P-Day

This first week has been great. My Spanish is coming along quite well. We have started teaching a man named Carlos, who is actually one of our teachers but we treat him like an investigator. The first lesson with him was bad, I couldn't say anything that I wanted to say and it was very difficult to get our point across. Yesterday was our 3rd lesson with Carlos. I can already see the great amount of Spanish that I know compared to Friday (1st lesson). I will say that it gets hard sometimes because my companion, Elder Ward, is not up to where I am at yet in Spanish. Therefore, I do most of the talking.

The food in the MTC is well... pretty nasty. In order to keep any kind of nutrition, I have begun eating at least 1 salad a day. Hopefully I'll get used to the incredibly mass-made food.
Our district is 11 missionaries strong. We had 12, but one of them went home. It got very real that day. Anyways, the district is like so: 5 missionaries going to Peru, 5 going to Houston, and one going to Missouri. Yep, I am the only one going to Missouri in my district. Totes Crazy right?
Side note, I met Elder Eldridge here in the MTC, he is the cousin or something of Sister Nichols, and is very funny.

Our daily schedule goes something like so:
Wake up at 630, eat, go and sit in our classroom and either study our brains out or sit through instruction, then we have gym time or lunch or something, then we study some more, and then we eat dinner, and then we teach or do more studying, lastly we go back to our residency and go to sleep at 1030.
It is a very long day, and very tiring. This P-day has been great to just relax and such.
We also found our Narnia Hole today. Inside we found packaged cookies and candy and some small footballs. Those footballs have kept me sane.

The first thing anyone tells you when you get here is to last until Sunday and then it picks up. I can attest to this. Those first few days were so tough, and very discouraging. As you get used to everything the time starts to fly, Monday seems like a blink when I think about it now. The saying in the "Cage" is, "Days feel like weeks, and weeks feel like days". No truer words can be said about the work being done here. It is crazy to think how different everything is here. I'm constantly with someone and we are constantly teaching ourselves a language, and, I'm constantly wearing church clothes.

Tonight we have a devotional, as we do every Sunday and Tuesday night. I have heard that they are amping up security for tonight's speaker, so maybe we'll hear from an apostle or something high up.

It is tiring work, but worth it. I'm super excited to get into the field. Only 8 more treacherous weeks.

I saw Spencer a few times already. It has been awesome to be in the MTC the same time as one of my best friends. He says Portugese is very difficult. I believe it.

There are a ton of Lone Peak-ers here. A lot of them are from the 2010 class, but it's cool to see some familiar faces.

Boy do I miss lacrosse right now. It would be so nice to be able to go shoot during our exercise time. Maybe I'll get a mini stick in mizzou to lax with.

One of my roommates plays baseball at the University of Oregon. It's pretty cool to talk to him about being a student-athlete. One day, I'll be one too, eh?

Alright my time is running out.

I hope you all have a great week and I hope that the beginning of college football brings much joy to everyone.

Elder Nick LaMay

Friday, August 26, 2011

Nick's First Letter!!!!

Dear Mi Familia,
I hope that you're doing alright. It has been a long day. We started the day with some introductiones. Then we kinda talked about what was going to happen. About a month ago the MTC changed their program so now we are taught only in Spanish instead of easing into it. My comp's name is Elder Ward, he is a cool guy. Oh, I am the only Missouri bound mish in this incoming group. Some of the others are going to Houston and the others are going to Peru. Today we heard from the MTC leaders and their wives. I saw Spencer during that meeting- it was cool. Then we ate .The food is pretty good, by that cafeteria sure gets packed. After eating we came back to our room and unpacked our stuff. Then it was off to another big meeting. Finally, we have settled down and Day 1 is almost complete.
I love you all and I want you to know that this was absolutely the right choice.
Muy amor,
Elder Nick LaMay