Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To the Point

Hey the podiatrist says I have a bone fragment in my ankle and that I tore two ligaments. I'm supposed to be on crutches for two weeks, then I have to wear a brace for like two months. It sounded like there was some hesitation as to if I could actually go through with the mission from the doctor's tone of voice. This is hard. I'm going to talk to my branch president tonight.
Thanks for all of the treats this past week. Brit's cookies win. They were heavenly.
M. Russell Ballard spoke to us last Tuesday. It was a good, dry talk. Two apostles in three weeks is a pretty solid ratio. This week our devotional is about the book of Mormon Ensign. Hopefully it turns out alright.
We had to move buildings again today. So that was pretty much my pday.
Love, Nick

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  1. Oh, Nick! Stupid basketball! Take it easy. How do you say "this is horrible" in Spanish? See, you ARE learning the language!