Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Update on the ankle: It is big, swollen, and hurt pretty bad. I'm on crutches and it sucks pretty bad. They said that there is a possibility that it was dislocated, but they can't figure out if it was or not.

This week has been tough.

This week we have taught 2 investigators, one named Manuel and the other Faber. Manuel is coming along well; the 1st discussion went over like a charm. We have only met with Faber once, but it was a good lesson.

I'm glad that the Niners and Cal won. At least a few bay area teams can actually do something right for at least a week.

I don't have a crazy amount to say this week. The ankle injury has really discouraged me a lot. It has made everything that much more difficult, and I'm struggling.

Hopefully, the iron chef will help out.

Love you,

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