Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aaaaand he's back.

Hey sorry about last night. I was in a rush and forgot to put am or pm. Today has been okay though after talking to Dad I really took some time to ponder. It was also nice to be able to relax for a little bit and clear my mind. I wrote a letter today and sent a picture. I figured I have been so mopey that you haven't really been able to hear what I have been doing.

We all introduced made up investigators to one another, and now our district objective is to teach those investigators. So being ten of us, I now have 10 (8 + both teachers) investigators. It hopefully will be good to prepare for the amount of people that I'll teach in the field. My investigator is named Manny. He is a good dude, since I made him up. I won't lie, it is hard not to type in Spanish to you. I keep accidentally putting the sentences in Spanish structure to you and then realize I sound funny. I heard through the grapevine that the brethren have started calling Spanish speaking missionaries to 6 weeks in the MTC. That's freaking nuts. My six week mark is next Tuesday, and there would be no way that I would be ready to go preach in Spanish.
Please tell me some things of normalcy.I need the news of the outside world. Also, can you send my ankle brace that may or may not be in my lacrosse bag? And can you have dad send the scores for this week? My district is urging for the weekly sports updates.
So Gen-Con 2011 is this week, and we have to go to the main big room and sit in uncomfortable chairs for hours on end- yippee. I'm sure it will be good though. I'm pretty accustomed to seeing apostles now seeing as we have had 3 in 4 weeks, possibly 4 of 5 if tonight plays out.
Dev, I saw Broc today in the laundry room. We chatted for a little bit. I just figured you would want to hear that.
Alright. Well, gotta bounce.

Also, thanks for the Count Chocula. It has been tasty.

(Editor's note: Where the heck is someone finding Count Chocula? It has been missing from Utah for years.)

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