Monday, November 14, 2011

Merrily He Rolls Along...

It was a good week. We kept pretty busy for not having a car. We have 2 new investigators, Julian and Magdalina. Julian is a nephew of Jennifer, and came back to KCK from California because he was having some troubles. He has done a lot in his life, and he's only 15. When he was like 12 he got into gangs and lived that life for a while. His friend was put in prison for murder and his last words to Julian were to get out of the gang life. So his parents sent him to his aunt's house in CA to go to a Christian school, but he would fight with his aunt a lot so they sent him back here. Now he is trying to turn his life around but his old friends still think that he is the same kid and are trying to influence him badly.
Magdalina is from Mexico. She likes religion a lot so hopefully some good things come from that. Her son is in a prominent KCK gang called Floretine 13. She wants help with him. We are working hard, and it is starting to get colder here. Life is good in the field. We get fed a lot, even if we don't have dinner appointments with people, they feed you no matter what. I have learned to pretty much not eat anything at home because I will get fed anyways.
Life here is cool. I see chihuahuas every day and they remind me of Daffy. Sometimes they're nice dogs and not trying to bite my feet.

Okay- Tres Preguntas Para Nick:
1.I do not get to drive yet, we have to memorize the basic overviews of the lessons in PMG and pass them off to district and zone leaders. But we have the car this week, which is very nice.
2.I have not had to cook anything yet. Just warm up some oatmeal or pizza rolls and make nutella and get this, REESES' peanut butter sandwiches! And FYI-the folks here don't really make tortillas, they just buy these little ones at the Mexican stores and cook them on a stove. Don't count on me whipping some up when I get home.
3.On Sundays in our ward, we just kinda go to classes with investigators, and we are like permanent subs for Sunday School. Last week we taught the teenagers chastity. It was funny. But yeah we just have meetings before church with our ward mission leader, and then just do our thing during church.

Mom- Tell the missionary moms hello, hola, or whatever really.
Kate and Jacob better hope that their son goes to Boise State;otherwise, who knows what will happen.

Dad- GO NINERS!!! And now we know that they won't be less than .500 this year. They should be fairly close to clinching the NFC West, right? Did the Packers lose yet?
I had to watch like 1/2 hour of soccer on Friday- it was so boring. Cal is bowl eligible- that is good. Is the town live with Lone Peak Love?

That's about it, nothing wildly exciting happened this week.
I love you, Nick

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