Monday, November 7, 2011

Humming Along

I hope that dafferdiddles doesn't get electrocuted chewing on the computer cord. Tell Brit congrats.
Tell Ali congrats, that is really cool. What language is she learning, or is she learning one at all?
Louie died? Wow, that is pretty crazy. is Gerry dancing around in joy, or now that he is gone, is Gerry sad?

Yeah so we had a baptism yesterday. It was good. This big Samoan dude came and sang for a musical number. It was really good. But yeah, she didn't back out, she said she was nervous, and kinda got scared because her family was being stupid, but she came, and said that she felt so good afterwards.
My other investigator said that he will get baptized, so that is good. He just got off probation and so it may be a few weeks until the baptism actually happens.
This week we found an inactive family that hasn't been to church in 5 years. When we went you could tell that the mom really was happy that we finally showed up. The problem is that the parents work on Sundays, so we have to find rides for the kids. We will have to ask the ward here for help with that. I wish they could remember that the littlest thing really does help. But it's alright, that is why we are here. We worked pretty hard this week, we taught 31 lessons. It is weird because during the day you don't notice how many people you see but then when you look back and count the numbers it really adds up.
My Spanish is getting pretty good. I can understand the people for the most part. Sometimes when my mind wanders, I have no idea what they're saying, but for the majority, I can understand them.
Lemme tell you, the time change has been nice. The extra little hour makes quite the difference.
The lady next to me at the library is watching some cats dance on youtube.
Oh, and I am going to have to like soccer I think, which is quite contrary to my previous beliefs. We play every Tuesday night with the ward, and that is all that the kids here talk about, so eventually I will get sucked in (sorry Dad).
Okay so to answer las preguntas:
1. We share a car with the English elders, so one week we have it and one week we rides bikes or take the bus. This week we don't have the car.
2. People here don't talk with a midwestern drawl. Well they do, but I honestly haven't talked to a local white person, so everyone else either speaks hood, or Spanish.
3. Yeah, our ward has I think like 7 missionaries. There are 2 English and 2 s
Spanish sets of elders, and then one local couple that helps at the Bishop's storehouse and at the Visitors Center, and then there is Elder Heath, a part time missionary with cognitive disabilities. His parents are in our ward, so this is where he serves.
4. Thank you for the prayers. I think I am alright, as of now.
I love you all and hope that you have a good week.
Love, Nick

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