Monday, November 28, 2011

Triptophan Coma

Thanksgiving was okay. We didn't end up eating at the bishop's house, so instead we got invited by this very Molly Mormon family to eat. All their kids are perfect, and I think I might leave a little to be desired. The food was really good, but it was boring being there. And we played a scripture game. Yes, a scripture game. Apparently, knowing who Moses married is really important doctrine, sorry Zeporah or Zeborah, or whatever. We had some pumpkin pie and that was good. The mom made some jello with applesauce and sprite in it, I liked that. Kansas and Missouri played in the I-could-care-less-bowl on Saturday. Because there are so many hispanos in the ward, zero people even mentioned the game. But all talked about the new FIFA 12 game.

This week had been frustrating. Juan can't be baptized until he sees a doctor because our Bishop thinks that he is schizophrenic. None of our investigators are reading or praying so they can't really progress. With the investigators it is hard because honestly, it is not at all about the numbers, but the fact that they can't know that this is the same church that Jesus Christ organized on the earth unless they read even just a little bit of the Book of Mormon, and then pray about it. Moroni's promise ain't lying, people. So if you are going to pray for anything, pray that they can pray. I know that prayer will help them to know.
It has been a trying week, but this one should be better.The Christmas program from the First Presidency is this week, and that should be great.
Anyways, it is starting to get cold here. And the cold here is nothing like Utah. Them folks were right when they said cold to the bone. The humidity and the cold is killer. Luckily for me, it's only November. Novembuurrrrrrr!
It sounds like Thanksgiving was good at home, so that is some good news. That is good that Kimmy Johnson is going to serve a mission. She'll be a good missionary.

Tiempo para contestar las preguntas:
1. Yes, we have a vacuum. And yes, we use it. Not entirely often, but we do use it once every few weeks.
2. The only TV that I miss is Sportscenter. But usually when we go into the homes, the ladies are watching the novelas, so I know that one actress is in distress, and another is surprised, and another wants to kiss some guy, and another doesn't want the other to kiss the guy, and so on and so forth.
3. We just have two boring beds, not bunks here. Just NINER SHEETS.

Dad: Wow. Nine sacks is a ton. Hopefully ,they will still clinch a playoff spot, with a home game against the Shams.The Cal game sounds like a shootout, and how did Utah lose to Colorado? So Oregon will win the Pac 12.I heard about the NBA. That is pretty crazy- 66 games in 4 months is a lot. Maybe the Warriors can just scrape into the playoffs by not playing defense again.

Anyways things are trucking along here, the transfer ends next week. I'll still be here though. Life is good. Tell people hi and such.

Love you, Nick

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