Monday, December 5, 2011

A Good Week

Hey, tell YBA a huge thank you. I will be sending a card as well.
Wow, Australia for Taylor, that is sweet.
Tell Ellie that maybe Jesus wants some of the memory foam slippers that you sent me. They are commmmmmfy.
Why is Dad going to Wisconsin? Sounds wicked boring. I couldn't tell you where to get a yarmulke. Try your neighborhood rabbi.
The Christmas devotional was good! It was a good little battery-charger to hear from the First Presidency of the Church.

This week has been very good. Monday night we went to teach this man, Jesus Natividad. His wife and two of their kids were baptized I think like a year ago, and they have one other who isn't baptized. Anyways, we were teaching him and his son about baptism, and when we were teaching I got this impression saying "He is going to get baptized," and so I invited him to be baptized and he said that he would. His son is also getting baptized. It should be this Friday. I'm happy for him.
Other than that this week has been busy. We worked pretty hard and we taught 34 lessons this week. We had some team-ups this week with members of the elder's quorum from the ward. They went really well. They were both converts and were able to share their experiences with some the investigators that hopefully will help get them going. Whenever we use converts it helps us so much because they really know what the investigators are going through while they are listening to us.
We had to go to the Mission Home this week for a meeting because I am getting trained. All of our group that came out at the same time was there. It was good to talk to some of my airplane-mates. Anyways President Keyes gave a good point when describing church. We usually just invite the investigators to church without explaining it too much. President said that we should really spend a little bit of time telling the investigators what happens during church because most of the people have very different perceptions of church.
After the meeting we went to the Church of Christ temple, you know the ugly spiral building. It was very...interesting. They have completely changed the Book of Mormon, and have like 150-something sections of the Doctrines and Covenants, cuh-razy. Them folks be nuts. Anyways this week was good and productive.

3 Questions Time!!!!
1. The fudge has landed. I got it I think on Friday. It is good. Thanks for the articles as well. Oh yeah, the Church of Christ people have the original door from the Liberty Jail.
2. My shoes are good. My dogs don't really bark at the end of the day. They usually are fine. Sometimes frozen, but mostly just fine. It is getting COLD here. It may snow on Friday. Yikes. Better than ice I guess.
3. Sadie the dog can do a few tricks. Her favorite trick is to run out of the house and go frolic in the neighborhood for a few hours. She leaps like a deer when she is escaping. Other than that she can sit, shake, speak, and turn. Good dog.

Dad- Playoffs? PLAYOFFS? I mean… Playoffs? Sorry, channeling my inner Jim Mora Sr. That is awesome. Looking at their schedule they should realistically be 13-3, maybe 14-2 if they can pull out a win against the Steelers. Tell Frank Gore congrats for me. The Holiday Bowl is a pretty good bowl. When was the last time Cal played Texas? Ever? The Rose Bowl sounds like it will be a goody.

All is good in the hood. Love you.
Love, Nick

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