Monday, March 19, 2012

Sounds like all is well. I actually didn't know that Jeff and Tammy are moving to Angola or that Sean and Rachel had a baby. Good for all of them.
It is good to hear that Michael has a lot of support from the ward. In church yesterday some lady from the stake was talking about music and she said that a healthy ward has 2 things: good tithe payers, and a big ward choir. H10 has both of those. Good work team.
The past week was good. Hot and humid, but good. Like
last Memorial Day humid. Not the most fun. Sticky, actually. Not the most fun. Summer is going to be something else.
Elder Evans from the 70 spoke at the half mission conference in Indy on Tuesday. He was the guy that spoke at our stake when President Anderson was called. We talked about desires and finding.
It was fun to see some familiar faces.
We had a good week. We have this one investigator, Vilma. She is doing really well, and we started teaching her husband too. Brother Borjorquez got the priesthood yesterday. It is awesome.
The whole world here is buzzing about the temple, and all of the people we meet want to talk to us about Mitty R. This guy told us that Obama is a dictator and also that he saw 3 aliens last July. Validity gone. Man, there are a lot of crazy folk here.
Conference is coming up, I am pretty stoked for that. It will be
I don't have too much to say this week, sorry. My face and lower half of
my arms are tan. FYI.
3. Teaching kids can be tough, but it mostly depends on the relationship that they have with their parents. If it is good, they usually behave and listen, but if they don't listen, that sometimes means that they get yelled at a lot and defy their parents by yelling back. Not so helpful.
2. The least-favorite meal this week was umm, I don't know. They were all good this week.
1. Honestly, the language is really good. No funny mess-ups. I am pretty close to being fluent. I can't speak as fast as I would like to, but I can understand everything.
Dad: Wow, that is crazy. Also think of the training that Kaepernick can get if Manning is in SF. Think Favre-Rogers good. That would be sick. Well, all is good here. Sometimes I miss hanging out with you and chillin.

The library is very full so I don't have a ton of time.
Okay fam, I love you. Have a good week.
Love, Nick

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