Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conference was the Bomb.com

What is up Familia?
I thought this was a great conference for many reasons. I liked the fact that the speakers just straight up taught doctrine. No tippy-toeing, just the truth. Like the Prophet yesterday more or less taught the Plan of Salvation. Sweet, right? Did you see David Archuleta singing? Ha. We all thought that was funny.
That is really great that Michael has decided to get baptized. This will bless everyone. I really thought conference was awesome. One of things I really liked was the talk in Priesthood Session about reactivating members.
Anyways, this past week was HOT. On Tuesday it rained, and I thought that it would have cooled it down, but 5 minutes later it was sunny, and all of the water evaporated into the air to make it at least 90% humidity. Yeah, this summer is going to be a melter. The work this week was alright. It seemed like nobody was home during the day. Our nights were good, but the days dragged on and on. The temple open house starts this upcoming Saturday, and that should put us in work. We are expecting a ton of referrals, hopefully the ward provides. As far as investigators go. We took our WML to see Ruben with us on Wednesday. He is doing really good. We just have to get him to read. I am pretty sure that he can, but he says that his eyesight doesn't let him. Hopefully we can have a good lesson or 2 with him this week.
It is pretty hard to contact people here because a good portion of them don't have a phone or have pre-paid phones so their numbers change almost constantly. That is a little bit of a trial here. Other than that, we are truckin' along. We have a few really solid investigators that we are working with to get on date.
Well you know what time it is:
1. I usually wear my watch to church and that is about it. Can't lie
2. We can't roughhouse with kids, but give them high fives and such, occasionally I'll pick up the Gaona's baby to play with him, but that is about it.
3. I don't know which talk was my favorite. They honestly were all good. Temple Square did remind me of home. I was like "hey, I know there"
Too cool. Ron Burgundy is one of my favorite movies ever.
Well, I miss you guys a lot. I love you. Have a good week.
Love, Nick

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