Monday, April 30, 2012

Drafted...for the Lord

Mi familia,
I'll be honest, before the Niners signed Brandon Jacobs, I was hoping that they would draft James. I guess they did anyways. They have a ton of running backs. Sounds like a productive effort on our Boys from the Bay's part. How are the Giants doing? Is the bearded hero still going to sit the season? I don't have a ton of info on the Mother's Day sitch, but I will investigate like McGruff the Crime dog on Sunday.
There aren't very many barbecue places up here as we are more north of the metropolis that is KCMO. I miss Oklahoma Joe's. So freakin good.
I got the charger. Thanks a billion. And thanks for the package. It was fun to read how everyone is doing.
The work is really going well. I was on exchanges when we saw Edgar and Cecilia, but my comp said that it went well. We have this other guy named Juan de Dios (John of God, I know, kinda weird) and he is really enthusiastic about the message. Also, we started teaching a guy named Prisco who is very interested in learning more, especially because his dad is a member. So yeah, the work is really cookin'.
The open house is done, and the dedication is on Sunday. Should be cool. We went to the temple again on Friday. It is a pretty cool place. On Friday we also did Liberty Jail, and the Indy VC.- the whole kit-and-kaboodle. The Liberty Jail is about as fun as a jail. Informational but bland as Kansas. The entire MO-KS area is buzzing with temple excitement. Lots of nonmembers that we run into tell us that they went to check it out. It has been excellent publicity for the church and we have been finding new people like crazy. This past week was pretty sweet- 8 new investigators. Hopefully, a lot of good comes from it.
On Saturday we get to go chill with President Monson, and sing the "We have been born as Nephi of old song" in the Cultural Event. Should be a good time. President Keyes is bussing in all of the missionaries in the entire mission, so it will be really fun to see everyone.
The weather has been kinda weird. On Wednesday it was 90 degrees, which was terrible. Now, it is raining. I don't have a problem with allergies here (knock on wood), so that is a plus. Ok, it is your favorite time.
1. We drive or take the bus and walk. We have the car every other week. Members here are very willing to drive us around. It is nice of them.
2. Elder Lopez's English is ok. He rarely speaks it. We try to have one day Spanish, one day English, but it never lasts past lunch. I'm guessing that English isn't his favorite.
3. I make my best effort to pound as much tasty greens as possible when we are at dinner appointments. Seems to be going well.Congrats on the callings, you should tell them about how we are really named Malomet but also Goldberg, and say "If we didn't do Family History Work, I wouldn't have written proof that my husband's family is crazy." I'm sure they'd get a kick out of that. I do.
Okey doky, familia, have a good week.
Love you, Nick

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