Monday, May 7, 2012

Temple Dedication

Yeah, the Temple Dedication stuff was sweet! We sang in front of 10,000 on Saturday, no big deal. We went to the stake center to watch the dedication. Elder Holland was President Monson's companion for the weekend, so they both spoke at the dedication. We didn't have church yesterday; all was put on hold for the dedication.
So we had a really hard week as far as the work goes. On the brighter side, we have someone on date for June 16. Her name is Evelyn Nichols and she is 82. Yep. Her grand-daughter who is a member, took her to the temple open house and she felt something. She is from Alabama and has a southern accent. She is a really nice lady. She said that her goal in life is to be sealed to her parents. Her great-granddaughter is getting baptized on the 16 also, so they will be dunked together. It is pretty special.
We also got a call from the Bishop on Monday and he said that there is a 12 year old girl who isn't a member but her parents are, and she participated in the Cultural Event, and has been touched by the Spirit and wants to be baptized. So we will try to get her dunked asap.
I'll make you a deal about the video thingy, if you send me my memory card, I will do it. I only have one right now because I sent the other one to Dev. As far as the Skype sitch, I was thinking like 4 o'clock my time. I would imagine that my Skype folks have the newest update of Skype. They all have iPhones and iPads so they seem very technological and up to date. Deal? Deal. So yeah, not too much else to say.

1. Yeah people really do celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I mean, we were busy on Saturday with the Cultural Event, so we didn't participate in any fiestas. Mom- yeah, some people say gringo, others say buedo. Both mean white people.

2. This week was SO hot and muggy. Like worse than DC last year. I am getting used to it little by little. But yeah it was really hot. It is supposed to cool down a little bit this week.

3. MMMmm, my favorite meal is... I dunno. But, speaking of favorites, the family that we are eating and skyping with on Sunday are going to make the William Sonoma mac n cheese. Yes.

Okay my favorite family, have a great week and talk to you on Sunday!!!!!
 Love, Nick

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