Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1/3rd of the way

Tell Michael congrats.The baptism sounds like a great success. It is really great that he went through with it. Good to hear that people asked about me and I'm not completely forgotten.
I am pretty stoked about the 1/3 mark. I have been out of the MTC for 6 months now. That is crazy. I don't think that my personality has changed too much, but I am a lot more open with people now. Like it doesn't take me near as long to get comfortable with someone. My faith has definitely grown a lot, and my overall knowledge of the gospel. So yeah, it has been a rad time. By Christmas I will be at 2/3. Weird to think.
 The stake stats are crazy. #1 in the hood.
The new comp is pretty good. We have been working hard and have been seeing the fruits of the work. We don't have anyone close to baptism yet, but hopefully soon we will get someone on date. The ward here is really strong. The members are all very willing to help us. We found a pretty solid family this week. Their names are Edgar and Cecilia. They took the first lesson really well, and even asked us to call them and make an appointment. Hopefully it turns out well for them. The work here is starting to pick up, and we had a missionary themed sacrament meeting yesterday to get the ward more excited.
The temple has been a real blessing for the work because it allows people to talk with their friends about the church in a more open way. They don't have to ask friends out of nowhere to take the lessons, just to go with them to see a big building. We went last week with a less active family to the temple, it went really well. We also had an appointment to go on Saturday, but we got stood up. That kinda blew. Other than that, we are still truckin' along.The temple is still in the open house stage until this Saturday. It gets dedicated on May 6. The entire mission is singing at the cultural event on the 5th. Should be sweet.
That is crazy that Rick comes home this month. Where did the past 2 years go? Well, you know what time it is....
1. We have a great ward. They do not let us go hungry. This month we haven't had a day without dinner. It is great. Therefore, I do not cook.

2. Yeah my companion is good about getting up on time, so we both get up and exercise. It has been good. I always feel better during the day when I exercise. Not as groggy.

3. Yeah so our branch is like only a half hour long sacrament meeting. The ward has quite a few people who served in spanish speaking places, so usually someone will stay with us and give a talk. Yesterday was my turn however. I talked about preparedness.

Alright daddy-o: I am sad that Johns Hopkins has fallen so hard. Luckily, their core group will be there next year, assuming they lose in the playoffs. Have fun watching the draft, I wish I could.  have a good week. Love you.
Ok my favorite mom, thanks for all that you do. Have a good week.
Love you, Nick

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