Monday, April 16, 2012

New Stuff

An anecdote to start off this email.

Me: Hey does (person) live here?

Man: Nope, not for a few years.

Me: Oh, we have you ever seen missionaries like us before?

Man: I'm blind.


Yep, that happened. This week has been a whirlwind. Transfers are a crazy thing. In 24 hours you are somewhere completely different with someone completely new.
Speaking of whirlwinds, over Saturday night there were 122 tornadoes. They all went right around KCMO, where I live now.
My new comp is Elder Lopez from Mexico by way of Nebraska. He is a very hardworking guy, and I am very happy about that. He's pretty cool. He is really serious at times, which is hard for me because I am not. This area is called Platte Woods, but is located in KCMO, so I'm just across the river from Kaw Riv. The area has a Spanish focus, but we also work with lots of English speakers as well. The ward is an English ward, and we have a tiny Spanish branch of like 5-7 people. We are assigned to cover 2 stakes worth of Spanish, but because of the Temple Open House, we don't have much info for the Liberty stake.
Quite a few of the members here are in either med school or dental school in KCMO and they live in a group of town homes we call Provito (Lil' Provo). The area is nice, I am looking forward to working here.
Leavenworth has their own set of mishies. Elder Eldridge, the Nichol's cousin is there actually. He is a funny guy. We talked yesterday for awhile. Um.. what else?
I am excited that Michael is getting baptized. That's gonna help everybody out.
The ward is good. It is all white people. That was different. We cover the ward, and then a Spanish branch. It is small. All is going well here, our apartment complex has a gym, and that is sweet. We live really close to the temple. So yeah, life is good. Oh we almost had to give a funeral for a kitten on Friday. We were contacting people, and this lady stopped us and asked us if we could help out with her grandkid's cat's funeral. She lived far, so we kindly declined.
Yeah, all is going well. I am excited to really get going with this area. We live like 10-15 minutes away from the Temple. It is a really cool building. We went on Wednesday before transfers. It was a good time. Well, not much else to say without spoiling your questions.

1. It wasn't necessarily hard to say goodbye. It just kinda happens. They were all very supportive. Keep in touch with Sis. Gaona for me. She helped us a lot.

2. We live in an apartment. It is pretty nice, but the bathroom is tinsy tiny. Speaking of which, here is the address:

6317 N. London Ave. Apt. K

KC, MO 64151

3. So no we aren't in a ward of Spanish speakers. Just a little branch. The area authorities are talking about combining a lot of the little branches in the greater KC area to make a decent sized branch/ward.

Alright Momma, hope you can relax a little this week.
Dad, Glad the bay treated you well. My contacts are fine. I will be good for a long time with them.
Love you,

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