Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Duck: Is he or isn't he?

Your son could potentially be a Duck. 
That is really awesome that Blake is going on a mission. She'll get home about 6 months after Cody. That'll be interesting. 

That is really sad to hear about Devin. Poor guy. He'll make it through. That must be hard. I can't imagine going through that. I said the word "that" 5 times in the first few sentences. Man, I cannot write anymore. Whatever.

Cal has a new coach. That's cool. It will be interesting to see Cal go from a primarily West Coast offense, to a high scoring air attack team. That is good that the Niners won again. Harbaugh hasn't lost 2 straight so far. Knock on wood. Go Warriors! Man, it is always a good year when they do well, granted, that rarely happens. Remember when they went to the playoffs and Biedrins ruined their season? Ah the memories. 

Things are going well here. We saw some total miracles last week. Everything is going well in Riverview. We had an interesting lesson with Roger yesterday. He has been going to his Mom's church the past 2 weeks, and when we were talking to him he sounded like he was fully invested in that church. Then we said "I got my answer". I thought "Oh no, we lost another one..." Then Roger said that he had a dream, and that he knows that our church is true. I be like WHATTTTT!!! He has received that sacred witness, but he still is trying to keep one foot in his Mom's church. He wants to get baptized by the restored authority, so he'll follow through with his date in January. It's exciting. We were also able to see Wilfred last night. It went well. He should be coming to church next week. We are being blessed. We met some really prepared people as well. I hope that I don't get transferred. I want to see my fruits. But, if God wants me to go somewhere else, it is what it is. 
Man, I finished reading Alma this past week. The war chapters should be made into a movie. They are super epic. Alma 62 is the battles of all battles. Kinda like the battle in the 2 Lord of the Rings. Wicked awesome. Now I'm in Helaman, reading about the Gaddianton robbers. Stupid robbers. 

 So that is the big news from KCMO. Other news, it is freezing outside. Like really cold. The weather said that is was supposed to hit 12 degrees last night. People were right about the cold here, it hits you to your bones. 

I don't have much else to say. Have a great week. 
Love you,Nick

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