Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Niners lose, and Nick is mature about it.

Man, that stinks. stinks. stinks.
Welp, I'm in Wichita. It is really far away from Kansas City. My comp is Elder Raddatz from Orem. He went to Mountain View (pronounced: Moun'in View). You can send me packages straight to the address- where we live is pretty safe. 
Here's the big info:

2510 E. Pawnee #403
Wichita, KS 67211

I got shipped out to the middle of nowhere. Apparently President thought it would be funny to let me serve my entire mission up to this point in KC, and then put me out here. Some interesting news is that I am now a Zone Leader. It is crazy. We do a lot of paper work, especially with miles and whatnot. My comp was trained in Riverview, so we have been talking about the people that we know. He has been out for 18 months, and got to the field one transfer before me. We are covering a spanish branch and a ward. We have to go to 6 hours of church every Sunday. It was a lot of church yesterday. 
Wichita is way different than anything that I have seen before. It is FLAT. No hills, no nothing. There is a ton of sky here. It makes for some cool scenery. It is very different out here, but I am excited to get to work. 

It is good to hear that Granddad is doing better. 
It really sucks that the Cuarenta-Nueveros lost. It super stinks. 
Well, the library is packed, so I  better finish up.

1. No, I didn't see the game at all. I was sad, but I figured my obedience would've caused the Niners to win. I guess not...
2. On Thursday at 8 I got on the transfer bus and rode the long 4 hours out to Wichita. It was almost as boring as driving through Nevada.
3. We are in a Spanish branch of about 40 active members. It is really small and intimate, but really great. We also cover a normal English ward. It seems super functional. Nice.

Okay fam, love you to pieces.
Love, Nick

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