Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's happening

I'm glad that you liked the letter. I like drawing pictures in them because one, they take up space, and two, it shows how crazy I still am.

Yeah, Sis. Gaona called me before she went over there. They're so cool, huh? I'm glad you got to meet them. Did Jaime go? He loves the Cowboys. I just had to get past that.
 Things are truckin' like a Peterbilt our here. If everything that we have planned goes through, we could have 5 baptisms in June and July. Evelyn was baptized on Saturday. Her grandson did it. She is so great. She was crackin' her little southern jokes the whole time. It was a really great experience. Then she was confirmed yesterday, and now she is a legit Mormon.It was pretty sweet.
We have another for the 30th-we are teaching that one 12 year old I mentioned earlier, Ally. She is very excited.  So the work is clickin. Not bad.
We also put this Spanish guy, Gabriel, on date for the 21st of July. This one is a little more tentative, like there is a lot of work to do with him, but I think that he can do it. He wants to, so hopefully he uses that desire to get there.
We also got some media referrals, like from a Visitor's Center or, and went to see them. We got in contact with one, her name is Carla. It was pretty cool, when we got there, that was the first day that she had been home in 3 months because she was in Atlanta for a while. She said when she put her name into the system, she kept thinking about the church, and then boom, she gets home, and we go over. There really aren't any coincidences. There is a lot of good work to be done out here.
Everything is going well. Thanks for the package. The comp is great. The ward is getting really involved. Life is sweet.
1. The kids is the Spanish branch just go with the English ward on all of the scout camps and girls camps. All of the kids can speak English, so it's no big deal. And there is only one girl that is youth age in the branch.

2. The dogs here are pretty tame, and not running amuck in the streets. In Kaw River, there were lots of dogs everywhere, but here, nothing too scary.

3. Let's see, one life lesson... Probably that everything happens for a reason. Everything that happens to us is to help us grow and God puts us in certain situations all of the time that we would otherwise never be in.

Okey dokey, have a great week. Love ya.
Love, Nick

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