Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Hot Here

Good Morning America,

Umm. It is way hotter here, and you don't have to walk around with a backpack full of pamphlets and books. That's too bad that your AC went down. Sounds like fun in the sun. Was it hotter than snot there? It was pretty warm here until like Friday, then got hot yesterday.
It's crazy that the Taylors are moving. In Platte Woods, the yearly cycle of med/dental students are beginning to leave, and so we'll have some more coming in soon.
Everything is going very well here. The work is booming. Evelyn has a week and a half until her baptism. She is doing really well on her Word of Wisdom stuff. Pray for her to have strength. We found this guy Juan, who surprisingly only speaks English, and he is a really nice guy. He works at a prison as a corrections officer and in August is going to take his retirement and start a pet grooming place. From dawgs to dogs. He was taught a few years ago, and now is changing his life around a little and wants to learn again. We see the Cool Book of Mormon Dude on Wednesday. Hopefully that goes well.
So yeah, life is good. My comp is a cool dude. We get along really well, and people always feed us.  Such a fun guy. So yeah, all is going really well. Any trips on the horizon? Any thing fun coming up this summer?
I miss being able to sleep in. I mean, I'm used to 6:30, but if I could catch some more Z's every once in a while, that'd be sweet.
Dad, did you see the MLK Monument? They were building it last year when we were there. I'm glad that you're doing well in your interviews.
Guess what, this system has emoticons. !!!!!! I hope you're not just looking at squares. If you are, you're missing out.
Not much new here, summer is around the corner and there are tons of bugs. Also fireflies, which are a new experience for me. They are cool. We have a baptism a week from Saturday, and other than that the work is really clickin'.
Sounds like there is a lot going on at home right now. Especially boring tv shows.That is funny that Spencer is serious, going Reid status. 
Here ya go:
1.Yes, we have AC, and we use it. Nothing better than going from hot and muggy to cool and fresh.

2. We can listen to anything that is a hymn, EFY songs, and MoTab. So we mix it up and keep it real.

3. Polygamy is usually the first question we get. "Do you really have 7 wives?" is one I've gotten too many times. If I had 7 wives, I definitely wouldn't have time for a mission- too much drama to deal with.

Alright, family, have a great week. Love you more than Chelsea loves Otter Pops.
Love, Nick

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