Friday, June 15, 2012

Keep On Swimming

Congrats on the indexing. 7000 names is a lot.
The work here is going well. We are still ramping up for Evelyn's baptism on Saturday. It is pretty amazing to see the change in her from when we met her to who she is now. The temple has blessed so many people in this mission. If all goes well with another investigator, Ally, we should have two baptisms in June.
The other day, we were walking back to our car after an appointment fell through and this lady stopped us on the side of the road. She said she has been a member for a long time but has fallen away from the Gospel. She just recently moved into our area and is looking to change her life around. We got her info and then went on our way. The next day she calls us and sets up an appointment to have us over and teach her boyfriend about the church. It is pretty amazing how God provides for us. When one door closes, one or two more open.
One of the things President Keyes is getting us to focus in on is finding. Some missionaries love tracting, some do not, but overall the best way to find is through members. That is the thing the Elder Burden and I are going to focus on. We have some plans to just start asking the members to fellowship or befriend the people that they brought to the temple, and then see from that point whether they are someone that we could teach. The bishop here also wants us to start teaching the Preach My Gospel lessons to the members after dinners and stuff to get them in that missionary mindset. It should work pretty well. So yeah, things are going pretty freakin' peachy here. Hope all is well at home.

1. I don't have a bike, so I have not crashed or biffed yet. Luckily, the buses are close-roofed, so there is no chance of me falling outta one of those bad boys.

2. There are ZERO snow cone shops in my area. It blows. I have grown to love snow cones. I miss them.

3. In the Spanish branch, no one really conducts the singing are anything like that, we all just kinda sing. If anything, I just pass the sacrament a lot. Nothing too crazy though.

That is exciting that Trevor is leaving. He is going to do great.
We are working hard and sweating up a freakin storm. Saturday was REALLY hot. and it is only June. Fantastic. Things are kicking along quite swimmingly.

Okey doky, have a great week. I love you too much.
 Love, Nick

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