Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Catching Up

Editor's Note: I just remembered that I have forgotten to post Nick's stuff for a while. Sorry.
Dear Family,

What's up? 
Hey so I was reading my scriptures in Spanish yesterday when some non-Spanish thoughts/potential revelation came to my head: Remember what my big decision was before the mish? It was that if I got accepted to Cal, I would go there, and then if I didn't get accepted, I'd go on a mission. Well as you know, I didn't get accepted, but I did go on a mission. Anyways, this led my train of thought. I need to have a primary, a backup and a backup backup. So I think my main choice of school would be Cal, if I get accepted. The reason being that I would like to live in the Bay Area or on the East Coast once I start my career if I am willing to and Cal is in Berkeley, another reason is that Cal is a top-notch school and would provide me the best education option out of those that I applied to. 
Oregon would be my 1st backup. The reason I have so much interest in Oregon is because it has one of the best Sports Marketing programs in the country, not to mention it is a big market school which would allow big market opportunities after school. 
My 2nd backup is Utah. Utah is indeed a good school, and it would be much cheaper than the others, plus I could live close to you. I'd say the gap between Cal and Oregon is MUCH bigger than the Gap between Oregon and Utah as far as preference goes. Alright, now you know (and knowing is half the battle!). You're probably thinking "Are you kidding me??? We just had a major headache looking for scholarships to 2 schools and now this punk is going to add in another?!" If so, sowwy :). I also added color for fun. 
OOOK. There's a huge freaking chunk of your son's brain. Let's get to missionary work. 
We have 3 people on date right now. Cool, right? One of them just quit smoking on Saturday. Her date is the 30th of March and she is doing great. Another one is on date for the 13th of April. She is going through some trials but really wants to join the church. She is a great person. The last person for now has a date of the 11th of May. She is just waiting on some things to get cleared up before getting baptized. We are working hard and trying to find new people to teach as well. The ward is doing great. They are incredibly supportive of their missionaries. We are working a lot with the ward to have them find us people to teach. It really is so much easier to do missionary work when members give you referrals and are present for the lessons. Apart from that we have Zone Conference tomorrow and we are the host zone. That means that I have to conduct part of it and we have to go and set up chairs tonight. The work is going really well. We had a great week last week.

1. I did see some green yesterday. I did not wear any green. I don't have a green tie, and we're not Irish, I think.
2. My new companion is a great guy. We get along really well. He laughs at my jokes, which is always a plus.
3. We get fed really well in this area. We don't have any open dates on the calendar for March. This ward loves their missionaries.

Okay fam,  I love you like crazy. Have a great week.
Love, Nick

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