Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feeling Presidential

Dear Family,
Don't worry Momma, I am fine. I got a new visa card on Saturday, so that is good. The rest of the elders can eat now too.
Yeah my camera takes video. Why?
I cannot agree more with the Mozart quote about working coming before inspiration. That is like the exact same situation the Bojorquezs are in. They want an answer to their prayers, but they aren't really doing very much. We read them the "Road to Damascus" talk by President Uchtdorf. That helped them a lot. He says pretty much the same thing, that we have to put in some effort to get results. The Bojorquezs are actually pretty close to baptism. They said they would talk about it as a couple, and pray. So I think in March they'll get dunkerooed.
This past week was a little tough. There were a few days that we only saw like 1 or 2 people. Those days are mentally tough. But we worked through them, and it got better. My comp is still talkative, but I think I'm getting used to it.
So yeah, that is really anything of much note from this week. Transfers are next week. I personally wouldn't mind leaving, but who really knows. Pres. Keyes likes to keep missionaries in their areas for a while.
1. Right now, my favorite tie is the tie that Dev got me for Christmas. It is white, grey, and red. It looks good.
2. The kids in our neighborhood don't seem to do many organized sports. Or organized anything. Or if they do, I never see them. I actually think that there aren't a lot of kids in the hood.
3. Not gonna lie, our Zone Conferences are boring.I'm jealous of Colton's. They last all day, and we just kinda listen to President Keyes talk. We have a 1/2 mission conference in March, and a member of the 70 is coming.
I had the BEST BBQ ever yesterday. Oklahoma Joe's. It is in a gas station in KCK. Like the best. Anthony Bourdain said it is in the top 13 places to eat before you die. I agree.
I saw a thing on TV when I was home that I want. It is by Body by Jake. It is a work out thing that attaches to your door, and has lots of rubber bands attached to it. Some UFC was on the commercial. Can you look into that? That way I can exercise if my comp wants to sleep in.
Daffy is cute. And very naughty.
Thanks for everything. I love ya.

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