Monday, February 6, 2012

Hey there,
I am doing well. How are you?
I enjoyed the limerick from Christian. (Editor's Note: Christian, what limerick? Did you share with the class?)
My first football season on the mish is over. Whiggity what?! Now I can finally focus. Ha just kidding. The Niners will win next year, and the year after, and the year after,and so on until the millenium.

I got the package-it was wonderful. Thank you for sending it to me. My little favorite cookies are always hard to eat because I want to throw down on them, but at the same time, I don't want them to be gone. Quite the inner-battle if I do say so myself.
Guess what? I had to translate for Stake Conference yesterday. It was wild. My Spanish is pretty much all there, just a few words here and there that I don't know. So that's pretty cool.
Speaking of barbecue, I think we are going to a world famous one today. It is called Oklahoma Joe's. Apparently, it is to die for. I will be the judge of that.
But yeah things are good here. The work is moving along.
My comp is good.We have a deal. When he tries to tell me about his magic cards, in return I tell him about 3-4 defenses and blitz packages.
I am trying to work as hard as possible every day. At first when I got out here, I didn't understand the "hard work" part that people always talk about. To me,I thought hard work was more of a blue-collar sort of thing. I now realize that the hard work they are talking about is the mental game. You can't get down on yourself, you can't give up for the day. The adversary puts lots of little thoughts in your head to keep you from doing things sometimes. Taking a break or not trying to see people is his way of stopping us from doing our calling. But it is something that can be overcome.
I finished Thessalonians this week. It is a good book. I'm going through all of the works this year, but I started with the New Testament. I like the New Testament, it has good stuff.

1. I try to exercise in the mornings everyday. I do little things like
pushups and use some weights to keep me going. I never exercise with
my comp, he likes to sleep in.
2. As an senior companion, you just have to plan for the day and not much else.
Nothing spectacular.
3. We can listen to churchy-music. Sometimes we turn on the radio and
listen to the preaching channel. It is entertaining. Lots of "Praise
the Lords" And "Amens" given.
Other than that, just basic stuff. We had to walk around last week which was okay because from Monday to Thursday, it was high 60's-low 70's, but since Friday it has been wet and muggy.

Okey dokey, Family, Have a good week. Love you more than Todd loves golf.

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