Monday, January 30, 2012

Aloha from the Pro Bowl

I'll be honest, I couldn't even begin to answer those daunting Missionary Pro Bowl questions without my tiny little head popping like dad's heart last Sunday.
My little corner of the world is fine. This week was a little tough because we had good days planned but when we would go to see people, they weren't at their houses and so we spent a lot of time trying to find people to visit. It is annoying when people don't answer their doors or phones, and it leaves you with very little to do. We found some good investigators though. One day this week we had an appointment fall through, so we went around trying to see less-actives when all of the sudden I got this impression to go to this house that Gallegos and I went to once. So we went there, and found a really solid new investigator named Claudia. She was a former investigator and hasn't seen missionaries since like May. I think it was because some missionaries got transferred and the new ones never went to see her, but now we are seeing her. Thank you Holy Ghost. He is helping me out big time.
We should be busy this upcoming week, which I enjoy. We found a good new investigator. He is a street contact named Chui. He is probably like 18-21ish range and we taught him about the lovely Libro de Mormon.
Other than that, the work is going fairly well. Some of the inactive and less active families are reactivating, which is awesome. The week ahead should be good. Hopefully we can keep busy. We have some solid appointments, so good things should come from those. All of our recent converts are being retained in the church which is really good. Sometimes people will get dunked and within a few months don't go to church anymore, but our ward is doing a good job of trying to keep them here for good. Jesus Natividad should be getting the priesthood soon.
I learned that outside of the Utah missions, our mission is the highest baptizing in the states. That is a neat factoid for you. Most of our investigators work in industrial type jobs, like at factories or doing building cleaning, or building buildings.
My companion is good. He talks a lot. And is kinda loud. He never seems to run out of things to talk about; it is almost impressive. This week he spent a fun-ish amount of time telling me what a magic card is. Apparently, it is some sort of card game with land and goblins and nerds. Ha. His language is getting pretty good. It is cool to see it improve.
1. The biggest surprise this week was we almost got in a car crash because another car swerved to avoid hitting a possum. Stupid possum.
2.Yep. Sometimes on pdays I'll toss around a lacrosse ball against a wall somewhere.
3. So many Spanish speaking missionaries here. Too many. There are only like 5-6 wards/branches that are Spanish, and way too many Spanish speaking missionaries to have them all speaking their called language.

Ok madre: te amo.
Big Guy: I know of things that you can start giving me info on: lacrosse. How is guitar? When are you going to record yourself? Maybe when you get famous, you can do a tour and go to Kansas City. I'd go. There's at least one ticket sold already.
Anyways sounds like things are good at HQ, and all is well here. Have a good week!
Love, Nick

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