Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still Here!

Yeah I'm still here. It's good for now, even though my companion has a few more months than me, I'm the senior comp. It's pretty cool I guess. I make him clean the floors and make me breakfast. Just kidding. He is Elder Palilla from Burbank. He is a nice guy. He really likes Halo, like REALLY likes it. He is a good guy, but is loud like mom in the mornings(Editor's note: He means cheerful and helpful) and doesn't stop talking when we are walking around. He served in an English area before coming here so his Spanish is going to improve a lot. He has almost 8 months on his mission.
Guess what, I hit 5 months tomorrow. This past month has flown by.
The work is going pretty well.Flor hasn't come to church yet, and we tried to see her on Saturday but she was busy. On Saturday, we went to this inactive guy's house to invite him to church, and he and his son were there. The dad had to do something for a few minutes, so we started talking to his son. He talked for 15 minutes straight. Literally. We didn't say a word. It was funny because he was going and going about our church, talking to us like we weren't members and such. He would say "you know man...." and "yeah bro....", a lot, so we assumed that he had just recently been on the pipe. Other than that, things are going well.
It sounds like everything is fine at home. How's Chelsybear? I'm glad to hear that Daffy is still getting into shenanigans. So yep, all is well.

Three Q's:
1. Palilla's Spanish is still very MTC-esque,which is understandable. That means that it is slow, which is fine. Mine is still pretty slow. But yeah, it is easy to understand him. His pronunciation is really good.
2. I could care less about my soccer skills. This one member always tries to coach me up, but I have no intention of really trying to get better. We play inside the church so the cold doesn't affect us. My ankle is doing good, still doesn't have all of it's strength back, but it is close.
3. We are trying to do just whatever service we can. Since there isn't snow, we're not shoveling driveways, but we are always looking for opportunities. What sort of things are you doing?

Hola mamacita: I sent a box last week, so once you get that, life is good. I don't need anything really. I'm happy to hear that you are making a mockery of Richard Simmons.

Dad: Dang man, fumbled punt. Oh well. They should be in place to have a good year next year too. As far as needs, there aren't many that they have, just staying healthy really, right? I am glad that you had some good experiences teaching and preaching and missionarying.
I'm glad you like the socks, and I will probably send you a belt that this guy from Argentina gave me. It is made out of Capibara, which is pretty much a giant rat. But it doesn't fit me, and looks fairly nice. So consider it yours. Hope you have a good week. Tell the team good job for me.

Miss you too, and love you more than Kansas loves changing climates every other day.
Love, Nick

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