Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Yep we get to email today, hence this email.
I am glad Brittany and Michael got to Utah. At least their move was planned, not like a transfer when you get the call 36 hours before going. Transfers are on the 18th I think. I think my companion will get transferred, and so I may stay. But who really knows.
Devon sounds like she thinks DC is her real home. Chelsea is living the life we all want, as usual. Fam-fam sounds good.
It is wild that Skyler is leaving already.
Hey Mom guess what! I have completed 1/6 of my mission. That is pretty cool. And next month I hit the 6 month mark. Wiggity-what?!
This week I ate more tamales than imaginable. So despite the lack of Christmas Day tamales, I made up for it this week.
We found 5 new investigators this past week. That is a lot. Hopefully that all do the things that they need to do to progress. We are still teaching the Bogorquez family. They are reading a ton, which is awesome. They should be baptized this month. And we have an investigator named Rogelio, who really wants to be baptized. So this month should be great. Other than that, the work is going well. We still see Juan Alvarez, and we never see Magdalina or Julian.
Yesterday the 1st counselor in our ward spoke about battling our own "Goliaths" it was a good talk about overcoming trials and other issues through faith. And looking at missionary work, that is what it is all about, faith. Three Answers:
1. New Years was pretty boring. We didn't do much, and I was woken up to an array of fireworks right at 12. Those fools, didn't they know I was sleeping?
2. This year my goals are to work hard and read all of the scriptures. I started with the New Testament because it is all about Jesus. So yeah those are my goals.
3. The lax stick still looks pretty brand new.
OK Mom, thanks for writing me every week and sending me treats. I love you and miss you.
Love, Nick

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