Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Finally Came, Briefly

Well hello.

It snowed last week and was very bitter cold. Then it was 60 degrees yesterday. Now it is snowing. Apparently, this is what weather in Kansas is like.
To pay respect to a great man yesterday, we shot lasers at each other. Was it fun? Yes. Did I feel the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Absolutely.
We baptized Rogelio on Sunday and it was good.I had to confirm him. It was nerve racking.But now it is done, and he is a member.
Flor is committed to baptism in February, but she just got a job and so we haven't seen her since 2 Fridays ago. She is like 22ish and has 3 kids. She is from Honduras and her husband works roofing.
Ruben is alright. His health isn't improving so he is kind of discouraged. Ruben is in his 40's, and has one leg. He lost the other in a chemical accident at work, and now is losing his eyesight to diabetes. It is tough to watch.
The ward is going well. Little by little the unity cup is getting fuller and fuller. We find a lot of our investigators we find on our way from appointment to appointment. I have learned that talking to everyone is key. So yes, the week has been good.
No, the people here don't really acknowledge what has happened here regarding church history or, more importantly, what will happen here. But whatever.

3 Q's:
1. We find out about transfers tonight at like 10. They just kinda call you and tell you what's up. Then on Wednesday you pack, and by noon on Thursday you are in your new area.I am very interested to see what happens with transfers tonight. I will be sure to let you know what goes down. I kinda have a feeling that I might be getting the boot.
2. I asked some people on Sunday what happened with the game. This member who I have became good friends with told what went down. Sounds like a wild experience. Too bad I missed it.
3. I have only eaten barbecue once since I have gotten here. Let me tell you, it was gooooood.

Mom: Sounds like all is well in the life of my fine mother.I am sending some stuff home today, so be on the look out for that.
Dad: Wowwy wow wow. That is crazy. Sunday will be an awesome game, seeing as the Giants are playing like the 2007 version. One of the most enduring playoff rivalries ever is back again, sweet. Yeah homie, all is well, I hope you have a good week. Say hi to Bruce for me. love ya.
Love, Nick

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