Monday, January 9, 2012

Long week for mom, not so much for Nick?

Yeah, this week has actually seemed pretty long, but the work is really taking off.
We have 2 people committed to be baptized. One, who is Rogelio, is for the 15th, and the other, who is Flor, is in February. It is nice to see that our work, and especially their work, is paying off. We have kept busy, which is super nice.
My Spanish is great this week. The gift of tongues is super real. Our ward is starting to get their act together and do their assignments and things like that. Ruben came to church yesterday, so hopefully that will help him out. The work is going well, the field is white right now.
We had to bless a member's house last night, because a few weeks ago it got broken into, and then since then they think they saw ghosts and stuff. So we blessed it and as we were doing so, I could feel the bad spirits leave, and the good spirits enter. It was neat-o.
I was sorry to hear about Sister Cook. Give her family my condolences.
We actually haven't had to deal with any of the anti-Mormon stuff yet.
Yeah the weather here is really nice. It probably won't end up snowing this year, but by me saying that, I think the clouds are forming overhead. No snow means super duper-uper hot summer though.
3 Q-U-E-S-T-I-O-N-S:
1. Yes, I have been sick a few times with a cold and such. It's not too bad, except it makes you more tired than you already are.
2. For my New Year's goal, I am in John right now. It is cool because the first few books in the New Testament are kinda repeats, but John really throws some cool stuff in there.
3.I have learned that any personal time is a luxury. It hasn't been too bad being with someone 24/7 but it is nice to be away from them every once in a while when we are in our house.
Mom: I am sorry that you are sick. It is never fun to be sick. Thanks for always writing me, I'm quite fond of it.
Dad: I actually saw the Tebow touchdown yesterday at a member's house. Right as we walked in, overtime started. So naturally, I watched as Mr. Tebow tossed a great pass to his WR who took it 80 yards for the win. Suck it Steelers. Hopefully the 49ers can pull out a win on Saturday.
Transfers are next week, so I may be here, or I may be somewhere else next Thursday. All is well, my little computer timer is ticking down so I gotta go.
Hope all is well back at HQ. Sleep lots for me. Love you lots.
Love, Nick

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