Sunday, July 15, 2012



I got Eric Johnson's autograph? Dang. I forgot about that. I do remember going to UoP to watch the 49ers practice. That was sweet. Even though I am totally out of it all, I am stoked for training camp. I love football a lot, and training camp is just the menu screen to the full force dvd that is the NFL.

Yeah, it has been just so freakin hot here. Luckily, this week is supposed to be cooler. All of the grass here is D-E-A-D dead. It has been a dry heat, like Utah, but gets super humid as night. Just when I think that the sun is down and I will be cooler again, I am covered in water from the air. Gross.

Despite the heat, the work is going well.  I just got a call from one of our investigators. He got his answer. He knows the church is true. It was a sweet experience. Umm, funny story. The other day we were teaching this guy and his kid was taking a nap on the table (I know, weird) and then I was reading a scripture and this kid let out the biggest burp ever. I had to hold every fiber of my being together to not bust up. I hate situations like that. Man, how am I turning 20? I still think burps are funny. The work goes well. We are having a good time teaching people.

We are teaching and preaching like champs. Not much more than that. Our 4th of July was boring. We still had to work but nobody wanted to talk to us that day. Then, we taught this guy Miguel (we mostly tried our Spanish people on the 4th) and it was an alright lesson. I never thought before my mission that I would be teaching a guy in full Spanish on Independence Day, who had a belly shirt on (don't ask), while Hotel California was playing in the background. It was an interesting experience. After teaching him we didn't find too many other people that day. We had a lunch with a member and went to Applebee's to finish it off. Pretty quiet day. The rest of the week was pretty good. We found an entire Spanish family to teach. I am excited about that. The guy's name is Julio Cesar Sanchez. In English that is Julius Ceaser Sanchez. I thought that was funny. Pray that they will read. So yeah, not much else. Kind of a quiet week. Sorry.

1. So I have a base list of schools so far: U of U, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, U of Oregon, Colorado State. I was thinking it would be great if we could get on this pretty soon and try to have the applications in by their "priority date" or whatever.
2. President Keyes just says keep working. Actually, he hasn't said anything about keeping safe from the heat.
3. Ummm, something with peanut butter and chocolate. Maybe more of the other missionaries in the wards' letters. I liked those. Besides that, I'm good.
Okay my lovely family, have a good week. I love you.
Love, Nick

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