Sunday, July 29, 2012

Again with the Football

Man, football is going to be great this year. I think that Lamichael James and Kendal Hunter are the future of the running game in SF. Gore has a few good years in him, but he has been injury prone his entire career. It would be cool if he retired after hitting the 10,000 yard mark.
Yep, I am in the middle of my mission. We have a system to relate a mission to a sports career, and I am about to hit my prime.
Vitamin D deficiency? You should drink some SunnyD. I mean, it's all in the name.
I wish I was in Cali. It has been SSSOOOOO freaking hot here. Wednesday is supposed to be like 108. 1-0-8. Are you Kidding me? Man, It is going to be an oven. Since Elder Burden is from Vegas, he feels pretty normal in this heat.
Things are going really well here. We have a baptism on Saturday with Blake. I am stoked for him. It has been cool seeing his entire countenance change while he has gained a testimony of the gospel. He is a cool gut and will be a great member.
We have a lot of good potentials as well here. Each companionship has an area book with all of the investigators since the dawn of time in it for that area. We have been using that so find new people to teach. it has been working pretty well.
Other than that, we had dinner with Evelyn on Tuesday. She is the coolest person. I really hope to keep in touch with her after I leave here. She is just so cool.
Our stake is doing a "mini-missionary" program, where kids from the stake get paired with real missionaries for 3 days and live the life. We had one last week. He was pretty nerdy. He was a cool guy though. I think the idea of mini-missionaries is genius. it really is the best way to get prepared for a mission. I wish I could've done something like it before I left.

1. Actually, we just nuked our apartment this past week. We cleaned everything and even got a rug doctor to attack the carpet. it is spotless now. And of course, now the stake wants us to be living with members. Ay ay ay. but yes, it is clean.
2. When we're out and about we usually talk about the cars that we see, or music, or life in general. Nothing too profound or too idiotic.
3. I like reading those stories a lot now, but I don't feel totally related my Book of Mormon heroes. I just feel like a missionary. White shirt, tie, dark pants, shark-covered planner.

Okay my favorite family, have a great week. Love you .
Love, Nick

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