Sunday, July 8, 2012

Whazzzzzaaaaapppp?! (do you remember that stupd commercial?)

First of all, I've had to use my home card more than I'd like because the ward here isn't giving us that many meals. I think it is probably because they are mostly students, so a lot of them are gone for the summer getting out of this stupid freaking heat. Speaking of stupid freaking heat, bron bron finally got his ring. Good for him I guess, now the haters can't hate.
That Broney thing is funny. I must tell you, my next planner looks pretty epic with a lot of sharks and such on it. Thanks for that.
I have been thinking about schools and such, and I think I wasnt to stay on the west coast for school. I don't know what I want to do with my life yet, but that is something that I have been praying about.
The work here is going really well. Ally's baptism was really great. I guess the church got a new water heater, so the water was like hot-tub hot for the baptism. Usually, we just turn the hot water on and then the heater runs out and by the time the font is full, the water is perfect, but I guess it was super hot. Her dad baptized her, so I never even felt the agua. I guess hot water is better then freezing cold water. When I baptized the Borjorquezs the water was freezing. The baptism was the highlight of the week for sure.
Sounds like everything is going well back at HQ. It has been stupid hot here. It was in the 100's just about everyday last week. So that was just fantastic. 
The other guy that we have on date is Gabriel, who is from Mexico. His hang-up is that he needs to quit smoking. He really has a lot of desires to join the church but is having a hard time giving up those death-sticks.
The guy who wears converses, Phil, is doing well. He isn't a convert, but he should be soon. He is very interested in the church, so hopefully that leads him to the right path.
Evelyn is doing great. She is such a little firecracker. I really hope to keep in touch with her after my mission. The work is going well. We have some solid people that are learning right now. We should be able to see some more fruits of our labors (BAPTISMS!!!) in July. Will you guys pray for our investigator Blake? He more or less has already received an answer to know if the church is true, but he hasn't been able to recognize it. Pray that he will realize his answer. Other than that, life is great. I'm enjoying myself out here.

1. The Olympic what?? ha. I guess not.

2. We have a barbeque to go to on Wednesday with some members, and pretty much after like 7, we're supposed to be with members so that we don't get into trouble or something, so we won't do much work that night. Also, our zone got over 10 baptisms in June, so the stake is making us a pancake breakfast on the 4th as well. Free food? Yes please.

3. A typical pday is as follows: laundry, get ready, email, get some lunch, meet up with other missionaries, usually here we go window shopping and such at an outdoor mall here. There isn't much to do in the Midwest. then at six, it's missionary time again.

Please read Alma 7:11-13. Tell mom to read it. Tell dad to read it. Make Chelsea read it.  You too, Devon and Brit. It is one of the most powerful Atonement scriptures ever. Christ suffered through EVERYTHING. He knows what each of us is going through in our individual circumstances. No person is outside the bounds of the Atonement, but not everyone uses it like they should. How wonderful is it that Jesus Christ has given the ability to use his grace to everyone. "For by grace are ye saved through faith: and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God" -Ephesians 2:8. We are saved by grace through faith, but faith is through action. By having faith in the Atonement, we can begin to use it. To fully use the Atonement, there are more or less 3 things to do. 1) be repentant 2) enter the waters of baptism (or partake of the sacrament and use it fully) and 3) obedience to God's laws. How great is it that all mankind has the opportunity to start anew. The best way for each of us to turn our lives around is through the gospel. We must make sure that we understand the why of the gospel. The what informs, the why transforms. Many have a long path ahead to redemption. But there is a path. For every person, there is a path. I bear witness of Jesus the Christ. He lives and through his ultimate sacrifice for us, we will live. The Church is true, and we have the Savior's words from the mouth of our prophet. I leave these things in the Redeemer's name, even Jesus Christ, Amen.
Love, Nick

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