Sunday, August 19, 2012



So there has been a little cog in our plans, Elder Burden is going to train a new missionary, so I'm probably outta here. It was quite the shocker when we found out. Tomorrow night I'll know where I'm going. Crazy Crazy Crazy. Our little tripod is going fine. There was a lot to do last week, and it seemed like there wasn't enough time to do it all. It has been really fun with 3 people because we all get along really well, but I am excited to settle down a bit and not have to move back and forth every night. Yeah Elder Burden is getting a baby missionary, so I'm probably going to be leaving. I'm okay with that though, I think that a change of scenery will be good.

Anyways, that is sweet that the Niners won. How'd Randy Moss look? Remember when I used to love him as a Viking? Football season is the most wonderful time of the year. What's going on in the College Football world? Any interesting stuff? Any surprising preseason rankings? Is the SEC going to win another title?
Yep, I'm turning 20 this week. That's freakin weird. I will no longer be a teenager, and that is a weird thought. I sure as heck don't feel that old. I don't even feel 19 most of the time.
Anyways, things are going well here. The work is moving along pretty well. We are trying hard to find new people to teach and bring them this everlasting gospel. It's like if these people only knew what we were trying to give them, then they would be hunting us down and begging us to come by and help them. We weren't able to get in with Jorge this past week, but we should be seeing him tonight. We are trying to grow our teaching pool, but we just haven't had the time the past few weeks with all of the hustle and bustle that we've been living. A lot of the people the we are teaching now aren't keeping their commitments, and that is frustrating. We have also been working on going through the ward roster and finding those people who nobody knows. It has worked a little, and has some people with good potential on it. We did some of that in Kaw River, and that showed a lot of promise, so hopefully it works here.
1. It depends on the missionary for what they do on their birthday. I'll probably be packing and then see some of my faves like Blake and Evelyn.

2. Sometimes I imagine my homecoming talk and what I'll say. I'll somehow twist whatever topic I get into missionary stuff and then finish out by thoroughly rebuking all of the bums in the ward. Totally kidding.

3. When we have Spanish invetisgators he kinda just sits there. There's not much else he can do. It's cool though, we both are okay with it.

Other than that stuff, not much else happened. My brain has been racing since we got the call that Elder Bruden will be training. I want to know where I'm headed. That Glass of Milk place is pretty close, so we can go pick up whatever you got me. I'm sure it will be tasty. Anyways, all is well in funkytown.

Alright my favorite family and planet Earth, have a great week, I'll probably be emailing you from a whole new world next Monday!!!

Love you, Nick

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