Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Down, One To Go

Yep the 24th is my year mark. It is pretty crazy. I am excited to be on the last half of it all. While I am loving this experience, knowing that it won't last forever is kinda nice sometimes. Yeah, it honestly still feels like I'm new to the mission. I can remember my first day in the MTC like is was yesterday. It is crazy how fast time flies.

So I got switched to the Riverview ward in downtown KCMO. It is innercity here. The pizza guy doesn't deliver to where we live. Haha. It has a lot of the same aspects like Kaw River did. Lots of Spanish people and interpreting everywhere. My companion is Elder Hanson from Jamaica by way of LA. I like him so far. He's cool, mon. I am also in the Independence Stake, so I am near the mission offices and such quite a bit. It is really fun.It is pretty weird when you think about it, the way my mission has gone so far, this may be my 2nd to last area. that is weird.

Too bad that the Niners lost. but that is good that the D played well.

Yeah so the Glass of Milkduds things didn't work. That is okay. You don't really have to worry about any other treats. I got a cake from the Walkers on Wednesday during my last dinner in Platte Woods. Thank you for the birthday stuff. I gobbled the poptarts pretty freakin fast. I liked the football cards, but I didn't get a single 49er. A few Browns, no Niners.

I am pretty sad to leave that area, but also super pumped to be in Riverview. There is a ton of work to be done here. There are a lot of poorer people here, so they are very humble and willing to hear the message. I guess this area is pretty rough, because a few times we have been asked "What are you two nice, handsome, amazing young men doing out here on these streets?" (I may have exaggerated a little). So yeah, life is going great.

Man, this Friday is the day. 1 year in the mission. It has flown by. Now I'm on the down and down. Pretty wild. I'll be spending my yearrrgh(pirate) mark sitting in a chair at Zone Conference. Not too shabby. So yeah that is what is going on with me.

1. & 2. For transfers unless you are in like Topeka or Witchita, you go to Independence and meet up with everyone in a stake center parking lot. Then you wait around until you see your comp, and you go on your merry way. It's pretty simple, nothing too dramatic. If you are in one of those far away Kansas places, you get picked up on a bus that the mission rents out and it brings you to Independence.

3. I have some shoes that I may need to send home, that is about it.

New Address:

5624 E. 30th St.

Kansas City, MO 64128

Anyways, I hope that all is going well at home. Dad, congrats on the new job.

Okay my beloved family, thanks for the burfday fun! I love you more than mosquitoes love eating me alive.

Love, Nick


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