Saturday, September 1, 2012

We Have s Spy!

Hey there,
Sister Bennett told us that she always calls our mommies after we eat there. She made some good stuff. The brownies were great.
 Yeah, the ward had to replace the Second Counselor in the Bishopric because he has cancer and needs to devote all of his time and energy to that. They just called a new 2nd counselor yesterday, so all is move forward. Please pray for the Chacon family.
 The area here is pretty fun. The work is going really well. We have one on date right now for the 8th of September. His name is Billy Reed and he is ready to make the plunge. We are working on re-vamping our list of investigators and working towards getting some solid investigators. That is what we have been up to this week. A lot of talking to people on the streets and such. Also, the mission has some "visa-waiters" and we had to have one tag a long for a few days before he went to Argentina. He's leaving today. My comp is doing pretty good. His mom is taking the discussions, so he's happy about that. He converted in 2009 and decided to come serve. Can't complain - life is good.
That is great that Aaron is going back out! That made me really happy to read.
It also rained here as well, which means that it has been super humid the past few days. I don't mind it too much.
So yeah not a ton going on right now. Just work, work, work.
Dang, Dad. That is too bad about the defense. At least it was only the preseason.Man, moving to the 1:00 church. That's tough. Guess what. I'll be home before it changes to 9:00. Crazy.
Yes, we do encounter some discussion from the born agains and baptists . But in the bible it says by grace are we saved through faith. Then in James it says that faith is by works. So in order to get grace, we have to have faith, and to have faith we have to act. So there.
Friday was a surreal day. Like it didn't hit me until I was writing in my journal that night. Like wow, I have been a missionary for an entire year. Where did the time go? I have heard that the second year is even faster than the first. That kinda freaks me out. By Christmas I'll be 2/3 done. That is scary. Man, I gotta stop thinking about it.

1. Elder Hanson has been here in Riverview for a while now. He is going on his 4th transfer here. He started his time here, so he is coming up on the 6 month mark pretty soon.

2. Our dinner calendar is full here. It is great. The ward has to feed us and a pair of sisters, but they get the job done.

3. Zone Conference was really good. We learned about the Book of Mormon, and that even as members, we should be praying about it daily. We talked a lot about converting ourselves first, and then helping others convert.

So yeah, that is all that I got. Oh yeah, as far as packages go, it is probably best just to send them to the mission office because we go by there at least 2x a week. Plus, our neighborhood is sketchy, so it is probably safer to do that anyways.

Welp, gotta fly, but have a good week. I love you.
Love, Nick

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