Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sa-weet Dreams


What a great dream. Yeah it would be so nice to be able to come home for one day and just relax.
 I think that I am good on contacts for a while.
To answer your question,we drive a Chevy Malibu right now. It is huge and hard to park. Our mission has 3 main cars, a Toyota Carolla, a Ford Fusion, and the Mabilus.
Thanks for writing your conversion story to me. I've had a few people ask me how you converted and I never really knew what to say, but now I do.
Things are going well here. It has been pretty crazy because we are covering 2 areas now.  So Elder Johnson from the New Mark area did what I'll do next year and go home a little bit before the transfer to get home for school, so we got paired up with his companion Elder Langston, from Centerville. So now we have to cover both areas, and go to 6 hours of church. We do one day in Platte Woods, and one day in New Mark. We also switch apartments every night. Nomads. I was in a few tripods in the MTC but those were nothing compared to this. We are constantly going, going, going. This past week was a little wild. It has been fun and a nice change of pace.We have been busy, but I am happy about that. I'd much rather be packed than have nothing to do.
It is really hard when things fall through and there is very little to do. It gets discouraging after a while. I've mentioned this before, but the mission is so mentally and emotionally difficult. You just have to keep trudging through everything that comes your way. It definitely is not easy.
It has been a lot cooler this week. I am happy about that. The heat did not let up for the entire month of July. It STANK. So yeah I am doing well.
Yes I do remember the Highland Fling, what a festive time of year. Getting to see school friends for the first time in a while, awkward fist bumps with the kids that you don't really lknow that well, pretty boring parades, ahh the memories.
Transfers are on the 16th. President Keyes said I'll probably be here for another transfer, and I believe him, but I guess we'll see. 
 In church yesterday Blake bore his testimony. It was the cherry on top of my Shark Week. In our area we have kinda worked ourselves out of a job, so to say. We have dunked all of the solid people that we were working with, and now we are in a rebuilding stage, like the Warriors since the 90's. Right now, the work is a little slow. Luckily, the ward leaders are trying to set the example for the rest of the ward by finding us people to teach. I think that we'll see a lot of great work come from this.

Yesterday, I had a pretty cool experience with fasting and prayer. We hadn't found a new investigator all week. So, on Sunday I fasted that we would be able to find somebody new that day. Well, one thing leads to another and it is 8:30 at night and we still haven't found a new person to teach. I was thinking "we can do this, we have to". The next person we knocked was Jorge, and he wanted to learn about the church. That was an incredibly watered-down version, but fasting and prayer totally works. Anyways, that's all that is going on around here.

1. BYU Hawaii sounds good but is missing one major piece: Lacrosse. I still have every intention of playing lacrosse in college.

2. We don't really have too much interaction with the youth except for at church. One of them has some friends that he wants us to teach, but other than that, there aren't a ton of opportunities to chat with the youth here.

3. We have actually been teaching an English class since May. Only one guy shows up.

Excited for my birthday/year mark/football season. Hope all is well at HQ. Have a good week. Love you.
Love, Nick

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