Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Conference Thoughts 10/8/12

Aloha from FREEZING Missouri,
This past weekend it got cold. Like really cold. Like in the 40's ALL weekend long. I don't think we'll see another day in the 70's until 2013. It might be a long, cold, icy winter. I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself in beautiful sunny California. There aren't really any cities better than San Francisco, so I'm green with envy, and frostbite.

Wow, 45-3. That is crazy. They destroyed the Bills. That Viking loss sounds like the best thing for the team as of right now. They needed something to correct, and they have that first loss out of the way, so they should go 18-1, right? (I accounted the divisional round, conference championship, and superbowl).
Yeah, so Conference was sweet. The age change is wild. There needs to be a lot more missionaries out to do this work. It will answer that need. I think that the age change for the sisters is good because it changes the culture around sister missionaries. Instead of people just thinking that they're in the mission because they couldn't get hitched, they'll know that they actually have desires to serve the Lord. So that's good. And with the 18 year old little boys serving missions, that puts a LOT more stress on the Young Mens program. These guys will need to be absolutely mission ready by the time they graduate high school. No more going to a year of college to "grow up". Also, one of the brothers in the ward mentioned that over time, there won't be any more pre-mission guys at like BYU and whatnot. There'll only be RMs. Crazy. Elder Holland said in a press conference that the church is planning on opening up quite a few more missions. Maybe they'll split this mission eventually. It's big enough to do so. Who knows.  
Overall, conference was the Elder Holland's talk was legendary. It was sick. Conference was pretty great.
The work is going really well. We have some good people in the woodworks here. President Keyes loves that phrase, in the woodworks, I'm not even really sure what it means. He has lots of little phrases that he says.
 As far as the work goes, we had an awesome week. We were able to get some investigators to conference which was sweet. We are still trying to teach as much as possible. The Hills are doing really well and are progressing towards their baptismal date nicely. We also have a mother-daughter combo, the Vargas family, that came to conference with us. I think that they liked it. We didn't have too much of an opportunity to talk afterwards because they had to leave really quickly. Life is good in the hood.

1. I watched conference in a chapel, in a suit, in English. Not very many snacks, just notes to take.

2. If I understand your question, I think you asked if I'm Spanish speaking, like in the compy? Well, he only speaks English, and Tagalog, I guess, and I am the Spanish know it all.

3. Re: see above

Okay Familia, have a great week. I love you tons.
Love, Nick
P.S. For the Oregon stuff, I got permission from President K eyes to go online and look at colleges. I started the app process for UO.  I have the app essay info. just letting you know. love you!!
P.P.S. haha, also- What is my GPA? and can you get some contact info for Coach Coe so I can start filling out recruitment papers? And for the major at UO do business administration. most likely do that for all of them, unless there is a specific sports.

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