Sunday, October 28, 2012

Go Giants!

I was not aware of the Giants going to game 7. Go Giants. And go Niners. They needed a good win after that embarrassing loss.
I got your post card with the bogus information on Walt Disney's hands. Guess what? Walt Disney is from Kansas City. The building where it all began has lots of old school Disney characters on the outside. It's pretty cool but it is in an area that is pretty janky.
For the U of Oregon app, I think that is everything that I need to provide. Most of it is just my grades and whatnot. As long as you can pull all that stuff together without any necessary info from me, then please go ahead and send the application. This is stressing me out.
We saw a bunch of arrests this week. one of them we saw go down. It was like we were watching Cops. Bad boys whatcha gonna do? This area is crazy, but it is awesome. The ghetto is fun.
So I was reading the story about Edie, and it reminded me, I was talking with my comp, and he said that in April 2011 when he was baptized, one of the elders was Elder Schmidt. He's pretty sure that his ward is in the Carlsbad, CA mission. Tell Edie to ask Stephen if he remembers a Carlo Javeloza. Mormons: we're everywhere.
My world is going really well. We are totally blessed. Like everyone that we are teaching seems to be prepared for this message. It is awesome. I think that the Lord is really blessing us to find those people that have been prepared. We got a referral from the Gladys Knight devotional who wants to get baptized. His name is Princeton, like the school. His mom is a member, and he just got out of the pen, and he says that he feels something "special" when we come over. I'm really excited to see where it goes with him. The rest of our investigators are doing well. I think that the bold approach to teaching the Book of Mormon has been helping a lot. We have more people reading that Book of Mormon now than I've ever had in my mission. It's sweet. Cra'y cra'y on mommas, if I may go so far to say. Things are going really well. I'm happy. Life is good.
1. I will not imitate your sneeze in this quiet library and see if anyone laughs. I will not do that.

2. Our apartment is pretty clean. It could use a good sweeping, but it is not too bad.

3. Our last Zone Conference was on my year mark. We talked about helping our investigators progress.
I think that I forgot Brittany's birthday. I just realized that. Whoops. 
Welp that is about it, have a great week and GO GIANTS!!!!
 I love you, Nick

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