Sunday, November 4, 2012

GGGGGIIIIIAAAAANNNNNNTTTTSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you DVR'd at least the last game.
Too bad for Cal. They recruited like the #1 or #2 qb in the nation last year, so hopefully they'll be able to win some games next year. I'm wearing a red tie today to root for the Niners. I do it weekly, on the day that they play.
Yeah the number of days is dwindling away. It is crazy. By Christmas I'll be 2/3 done and by February my sister mission is over. The year-mark-out-of-the-MTC milestone was pretty normal. Nothing to crazy went down in the celebration seeing that there was no celebration.The time is going by really really fast.
It is really cool that Steven baptized my companion.  
I haven't taken too many pictures as of late. Sorry, I'll do better at that.
Guess how cold it is in Missouri? Freakin'. Guess how well our heater works in the house? Not. Guess what the amount of degrees it dropped from Wednesday to Thursday? 40. Wednesday was warm and muggy, Thursday was cold. It looks like the Midwest will actually have a winter this year.
It's good to hear that all is going well at home. Hopefully Devon doesn't get washed away by the Frankenstorm. We ate at Sis. Bennett's house last night. She does this thing with cakes where instead of using oil, she puts applesauce into the recipe. I highly recommend it. 
This past weekend was Stake Conference in the Independence Stake. It was really good. President Keyes spoke and said that the amount of missionaries will go up by 50 here in the next year. We'll have over 300 missionaries. That's crazy. The biggest mission in the world is about to get bigger. We were way, way, way in the back and this kid from our ward fell asleep on me. Kinda like when Devon fell asleep on that stranger on the airplane.
Anyways, the work this week went pretty well. We weren't able to see Princeton at all this week, but I think he's doing well. The Hills are doing great, and should be set for their December 1 date. We have some other baptisms coming up in November. One of them is Mariana, and the other is her brother Jossua. They are 9 and 10 and their mom in the YM president in the ward. They haven't been baptized yet because the dad didn't want them to, but now he is willing and open to it. Hopefully, it will soften his heart some more to the message. We are working hard and finding lots of people to teach. We should be seeing a lot of success in the coming months.
The district hasn't been doing too well lately. We are trying to figure out how to motivate the sisters and get them going. It's hard because with a district of elders you can give them a little more stern motivation like "Get to work", but with the sisters you have to be very nice. That is really all that is going on with me.

1. They don't even deliver pizza to our neighborhood. The mailman only comes if he has something to drop off. So no, there unfortunately will not be any kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. They all go to the rich neighborhood in the north part of the city because the Home Owners' Association gives the houses free candy to give out and they go all out with it.

2. We will usually help the members with what they need help with.  We find something new every week, sometimes from our meetings with the Bishop. We don't do anything too scheduled.

3. We have a full time car in this area. We share with nobody. It is sweet.

Concerning the college stuff, I think that once a week should be alright. You can use the myldsmail account.

Okay family, I love you. have a great week. Thanks for everything, the candy sushi was freakin' good.
Love you, Nick

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