Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Colorado says Yes

Hey Hey Hey,

That's good that Colorado State wants me. Don't blame 'em. Oregon sent me an email about looking at scholarships that I'll forward to you. 

That is cool to hear that Kaepernick is doing so well. He seemed legit in college, I guess it is all paying off. That stinks that Cal had to pay so much to Tedford. Oh well. Sounds like all is well in the sports world. 

It's good to hear that you made it through the drive safely. I've been having lots of dreams about the Bay Area recently. Weird. Did you gobble like a turkey during the trot? That would've have been very funny and embarassing for Chelsea. Does anyone still call her Chi-Chi? Kyle will most definitely be taller than me sooner than later, it's okay though, I'll still kick his rear. You and mom are turning into Sharyn and Grandad, true foodies. It's cool though. On Thanksgiving we ate with a Dominican Family. We had ham and chicken (because Hispanics hate turkey), and lots of good sides. It was a pretty basic Thanksgiving, which means super good. We had some Tres Leches cake which made me sick though. I guess our gene's weird onset lactose intolerance has hit me. Oh well. I'm doing better now, so that's cool. 

Yeah, we talk in 29 days. That's wild. It will be hard to set up because transfers are 5 days before the 25th and the Monday before is a holiday, so the libraries probably won't be open. I guess we'll see what happens.

The work is going well. The goal of focusing is helping a lot.We are teaching some great people.  We have quite a few investigators that are truly searching for truth. It is awesome. One of them, Wilfrid, is really exciting. He moved to the States from Haiti about 2 years ago. He is learning English so he has some questions about certain words and things, but he is really promising. We're hoping that he can come to the Christmas Devotional next week. You should watch that. It's gonna be sweet. So yeah, the work is great. 

Have you started decorating the house for Christmas yet? Did you get a new tree? You should. ha.

Concerning the death of Hostess, we heard about it quite a bit. We also heard that there were bids on eBay for $10,000 Twinkies. That's America for you.

1.   The Loyas' baptisms yesterday were awesome. Their dad wasn't able to make it. I hope that he got called into work instead of just not going. It was really spiritual.

2, The Hills will probably have to move their date back a few weeks. They haven't received an answer yet. I don't want them to make a big commitment like baptism if they don't know that it is all true.

3.The work has been pretty much the same since the sisters left. Nothing too huge.  

Everything is going well. I'm very grateful to be here, in this area, at this time.My comp is doing well. He seems more sure about being here which is good. At the beginning he kept mentioning that he was here because his mom wanted him to go. Now, he's here because he wants to be here. So yeah, that's all that is going on. Have a great week. I love you.
Love, Nick

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